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Feedback Sports Sprint Stand repair stand

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Feedback Sports Sprint Stand repair stand 244,94€ 95300093
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Feedback Sports Sprint Stand Repair Stand

The Sprint relies on its own holding and fixing concept and is thus the optimal solution for the increasing number of Aero frames, seat posts with special profiles or other models that can not or only with difficulty be fixed with a conventional clamp. During the sprint, the wheel is placed on a horizontal rail and optionally fixed to the fork or rear dropout with a tensioning mechanism. An adapter ensures that quick release or thru axle mountings can be clamped in all conceivable dimensions. The frame is additionally supported by the inner bearing housing is placed on a special plate. This means that the wheel is in the safe mounting position in no time at all, which can also be adjusted over a very large area at a working height of 76 to 121 cm and always optimally balanced by the horizontal displacement of the fixation points. In addition, the system is rotatable through 360 °, so that literally every move can be performed in the optimum position. Nevertheless, thanks to its three sprawling tripod legs, the sprint is extremely safe and stable, not only on a level workshop floor, but also in the terrain. In general, the sprint is almost predestined for outdoor use. Thanks to its production of a very light aluminum alloy, it comes to a transport-friendly 5.7 kilograms total weight, the protective anodization ensures extreme weather resistance. When folded, the sprint is also characterized by its small pack size. He is able to shoulder a stately 38 kilograms and therefore does not get down on heavy mountain bikes or even e-bikes.


  • Adjustable working height of 760-1,210 mm
  • 360 ° rotatable with flexible fork and inner bearing position
  • Very light aluminum alloy with protective anodization
  • Due to the 3 tripod legs very stable, even in the field
  • Small size when folded
  • Max. Load capacity: 38.6 kg
  • Weight: 5.7 kg
  • Dimensions base: 1,160 mm
  • Terminal height: 760-1,210 mm
  • Material: aluminum anodized
  • Dimensions collapsed: 1,270 x 190 x 760 mm


  • 1x Feedback Sports Sprint Stand Repair Stand (see item description for details)
  • 1x 12mm MTB rear wheel thru-axle adapter
  • 1x QR / 15mm MTB front wheel thru-axle adapter
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