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SKS Compit Smartphone-Cover for iPhone

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6/7/8 84149064 12.60€
MPN 11538
6+/7+/8+ 84149065 12.60€
MPN 11539
X 84149066 12.60€
MPN 11540
11 / XR 84149172 12.60€
MPN 11633
11 Pro 84149173 12.60€
MPN 11634
mini 84149227 12.60€
MPN 11638
12 / 12 Pro 84149228 12.60€
MPN 11639
12 Pro Max 84149229 12.60€
MPN 11640
13 mini 84149233 12.60€
MPN 11644
13 Max / 13 Pro 84149234 12.60€
MPN 11645
13 Pro Max 84149235 8.82€
MPN 11646
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The cover for iPhone

In order to securely attach the smartphone to the COMPIT or the +COM/UNIT, it must be equipped with a suitable COMPIT COVER. The mobile phone case with a special fastening device allows the smartphone to be docked to the system by attaching and rotating it via the oversize bayonet mount.

Made of shock-absorbing 2-component plastic

The cover's shock-absorbing materials wrap around the outer edges of the smartphone and protect it in the event of an impact. The cover is particularly robust in the heavily used areas thanks to the use of high-quality, wear-resistant plastic. The 2-component case with a pleasant feel can be easily attached to and removed from the mobile phone. Including practical hand strap.


  • Made of wear-resistant 2-component plastic
  • With fastening device
  • shock absorbing
  • Pleasant feel
  • Including practical hand strap

scope of delivery

  • 1 x SKS Compit smartphone cover for iPhone (see item description for details)
SKS Compit Smartphone-Cover for iPhone 6/7/8
SKS Compit Smartphone-Cover for iPhone 11 / XR
SKS Compit Smartphone-Cover for iPhone 11 Pro
SKS Compit Smartphone-Cover for iPhone mini

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