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Chromag Markenshop

The Chromag brand shop

In the Chromag brand shop you find 47 different products in total for bargain prices with worldwide shipping:
  • Bash rings / bash guards
  • Chain rings 4-arm 104mm
  • Chain rings spiderless/direct mount
  • Grips
  • Handlebars
  • Pedals MTB cleats & accessories
  • Pedals platform MTB
  • Saddles
  • Seat Clamps
  • Seat posts MTB
  • Skewers / Quick release MTB / thru-axles
  • Stems MTB
  • Stems Spares Accessories

About Chromag


Chromag is a bike business company from Whistler, Canada which manufactures bike components and equipment. The company develops products for bikers that attach importance to highest quality, accomplishment and reliability.

The most famous product of Chromag probably is the Fubars OSX. It is a pure DH handlebar which is extremely stiff but still particularly light. The handlebar is available in different colors - typical for Chromag. All Chromag products are sophisticated and manufactured with high quality.

The main focus of Chromag is developing advanced and innovative products that help the cycling sport to go on.

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