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Camelbak Brand shop

About the brand Camelbak

Camel Bak

Since the 1990s CamelBak manufactures products that support active people to maximize their performance, their comfort and their health. By name: drinking backpacks.

The Message in this bottles is brilliant: CamelBak takes the animal world as a model and equips their heros from cycling, snow sports and so on with modern drinking backpacks. With this drinking backpacks the athletes do not need to "hit the bottle" but can quench their thirst time saving directly to a drinking tube.

This is a hydration of highest quality. And it's an original because the drinking backpack is connected with the name CamelBak. The company is considered as the inventor of the "hands-free" hydration systems as we know them today. Long at HIBIKE's program, CamelBak has satisfied many of our customers yet.

But also all of those who do not want to miss the "conventional Bottle" will be convince by CamelBak: Due to the innovative thinking of CamelBak they design stylish products and are always one step ahead of their competition!

Explore the CamelBak world at HIBIKE.

About the Camelbak brand store

In the Camelbak brand shop of HIBIKE you will find a total of 108 different products in worldwide shipping: Bottles, Backpacks with drinking system, Backpacks & Bags accessories and bladders, Bottles accessories / small parts, Bags messenger bags/ belt pouches and more.
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