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Maxxis Rambler folding tire dual-compound

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28" EXO TR 38-622 (700x38C) tanwall 44935579 30.76€
MPN 1995
28" EXO TR 40-622 (700x40C) tanwall 44935581 30.76€
MPN 1996
28 EXO TR 45-622 (700x45C) tanwall 44935690 31.85€
MPN 2061
28 EXO TR 50-622 (700x50C) tanwall 44935691 37.73€
MPN 2063
28" TR SilkShield 45-622 (700x45C) black 44935469 30.76€
MPN 1972
28" EXO TR 45-622 (700x45C) black 44935520 31.85€
MPN 1971
28" EXO TR 50-622 (700x50C) black 44935521 31.01€
MPN 1973
28" TR SilkShield 50-622 (700x50C) black 44935522 35.21€
MPN 1974
28" EXO TR 40-622 (700x40C) black 44935549 31.85€
MPN 1986
28" TR SilkShield 40-622 (700x40C) black 44935550 33.53€
MPN 1982n
28" TR SilkShield 38-622 (700x38C) black 44935580 29.33€
MPN 1987n
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volume for comfort

Maxxis first real gravel bike tire. The Rambler has the volume you need for good comfort and the profile you need for speed and control. The narrow central lugs are beveled and therefore roll very well on hard ground, open side lugs ensure easily predictable cornering behavior in different ground conditions.

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H article number 1971 1973 1979 1981n 1986 1995 1996
area of application Gravel Gravel Gravel Gravel Gravel Gravel Gravel
Type folding tire folding tire folding tire folding tire folding tire folding tire folding tire
Size ETRTO 45-622 50-622 40-622 38-622 40-622 38-622 40-622
French size 700x45C 700x50C 700x40C 700x38C 700x40C 700x38C 700x40C
Compound / rubber compound dual dual dual dual dual dual dual
Tubeless ready Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
E-bike approval Yes, E-25 Yes, E-25 Yes, E-25 Yes, E-25 Yes, E-25 Yes, E-25 Yes, E-25
TPI / EPI 120 120 60 60 120 60 60
color black black skin wall skin wall black tanwall tanwall
Weight approx. 495g about 600g approx. 420g approx. 405g approx. 410g about 400g approx. 490g

Technologies used

In this chapter we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses in this product.

Two different rubber compounds are processed into a tread strip. We plan the arrangement of the mixtures according to the desired properties of the tires.

EXO Protection
This extremely cut and abrasion resistant material protects the sidewall of various MTB tires. It is very tightly woven, light and very flexible. As a result, the performance of the tires remains convincingly good.

Tubeless Ready (TR)
Tubeless tires have many advantages: You can drive with less air pressure. This gives better traction and reduces rolling resistance. And where there is no inner tube, the risk of punctures is also reduced. MAXXIS TR tires are better prepared for mounting with sealant than other "tubeless ready" tires. Like a real UST tubeless tyre, the bead of the TR tires is completely covered with a layer of rubber. As a result, tubeless installation is successful for all rims with standard dimensions the first time you pump them up and with little liquid. "Normal" MAXXIS MTB tires can also be mounted tubeless with sealant like tires from other manufacturers, as the carcass fabric is very dense. However, only the new MAXXIS TR models are officially approved for tubeless assembly and guaranteed by MAXXIS. The tubeless assembly of other models is at your own risk.

Silkshield (SS)
SilkShield provides Silkworm protection all around, from rim to rim, preventing cuts and other defects on tire sidewalls and under the tread.

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Maxxis Rambler 28" folding tire (see item description for details)
Maxxis Rambler 28" folding tire dual-compound EXO TR 38-622 (700x38C) tanwall
Maxxis Rambler 28" folding tire dual-compound TR SilkShield 45-622 (700x45C) black

Über die Marke Maxxis

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