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RockShox coil spring for Vivid/Kage 216/222mm stroke grey

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250lb 70mm 22637117 17.48€
MPN 00.4118.026.008
300lb 70mm 22637118 17.48€
MPN 00.4118.026.009
350lb 70mm 22637119 17.48€
MPN 00.4118.026.010
400lb 70mm 22637120 17.48€
MPN 00.4118.026.011
450lb 70mm 22637121 17.48€
MPN 00.4118.026.012
500lb 70mm 22637122 17.48€
MPN 00.4118.026.013
550lb 70mm 22637123 12.60€
MPN 00.4118.026.014
600lb 70mm 22637124 17.48€
MPN 00.4118.026.015
650lb 70mm 22637125 17.48€
MPN 00.4118.026.016
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Damper Spring for Rock Shox Vivid and Kage

Here you will find the matching steel springs for your Rock Shox Vivid and Kage.

Which steel spring is right for your Rock Shox shock?

First, the length must be right. For each spring, we indicate for which installation length and which stroke of the damper it fits. This can also be several dampers, eg there is only one spring length for the dampers with 216 and 222mm installation length and 63 or 70mm stroke.

Regarding spring stiffness, unfortunately we can not give a recommendation depending on the rider's weight like with suspension forks. Here, the ratio of the rear triangle, the sitting position and personal preferences have such a great influence that it is impossible to recommend the right spring from a distance.

If you've already tested any spring stiffness in your shock, you can use the sag-free sag and the desired saw to roughly figure out which spring stiffness is going in the right direction. If you do not even know what could fit, ask your frame manufacturer for best experience.

The installation of a spring is usually accompanied by slight traces of mounting, so we can not take back built-in springs.


  • Kage A1-A3 2012-2017
  • Vivid 2008-2013
  • Vivid B1-B3 2014-2017


Rock Shox Vivid / Kage steel spring

worth mentioning

Please direct yourself in compatibility issues only after the manufacturer number, not after the possibly incomplete or too general article designations!

Unfortunately we can not keep up with more than 4000 Rock Shox spare parts if a single spare part is suddenly compatible with another fork or that a spare part "for Reba" only fits the first series and not one of the two later ones.

Contact us at info@hibike.de for your questions about Rock Shox parts - we also have a large collection of current and older parts catalogs, oil level documents and service manuals. To identify your fork or damper, it's best to send meaningful photos. Due to the time required we can offer this service only by email and not by phone.


  • 1 x Rock Shox Vivid / Kage Steel Spring (see item description for details)
RockShox coil spring for Vivid/Kage 216/222mm 250lb 70mm  stroke  grey

Über die Marke Rock Shox

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