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Bleed kit premium + Gold bleeding kit for TPR

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Bleed kit premium + Gold bleeding kit for TPR 68270015 32.69€
MPN BK-40028
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Premium GOLD TRP Edition

Bleedkit's Premium GOLD TRP Edition kit includes everything you need to bleed TRP/Tektro and flat bar Shimano hydraulic brakes.

This kit is compatible with all TRP / Tektro and Flatbar Shimano hydraulic brakes (XTR, XT, Saint, Zee, SLX, Deore, Alivio, Acera, Alfine, Metrea)

Not compatible with Shimano hydraulic drop bar brakes (DURA-ACE, ULTEGRA, 105, Tiagra, GRX) which require an adapter and smaller bleed block available in premium street and workshop kits.

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Bleedkit Premium+ Gold ventilation kit (see item description for details)
  • 1 x Lever-End 30ml Clear Funnel (Syringe Body) with M5 Brass Thread
  • 1 x Brass M5-M6 Adapter for TRP / Tektro Hydraulic Brakes
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Threaded Plug (Oil Stopper) with Hanger
  • 1 x Caliper End 20ml Syringe with Durable Tube
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Tube Insert which provides a guided fit between the tube and the bleed nipple
  • 1 x Pipe with M6 brass fitting for TRP / Tektro hydraulic brakes
  • 1 x clamps for easier gravity venting
  • 1 x base for funnel and adapter with spare o-ring bolt on the bottom
  • 1 x bleed block for 2 and 4 piston brakes
  • 1 x rubberized one-sided Velcro, 25 cm (to attach the brake caliper syringe to the frame or to the fork)
  • 1 x 7mm wrench
  • 1 * Torx Wrench T15
  • 1* Replacement O Ring
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