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Specialized BG SL footbed

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size 36.0-37.0 red minimal Woilbung 82772571 25.21€
MPN 613E-9336
size 38.0-39.0 red minimal Woilbung 82772572 25.21€
MPN 613E-9338
size 40.0-41.0 red minimal Woilbung 82772573 25.21€
MPN 613E-9340
size 42.0-43.0 red minimal Woilbung 82772574 25.21€
MPN 613E-9342
size 44.0-45.0 red minimal Woilbung 82772575 25.21€
MPN 613E-9344
size 46.0-47.0 red minimal Woilbung 82772576 25.21€
MPN 613E-9346
size 48.0-49.0 red minimal Woilbung 82772577 25.21€
MPN 613E-9348
size 36.0-37.0 green high Woilbung 82772585 25.21€
MPN 613E-9536
size 38.0-39.0 green high Woilbung 82772586 25.21€
MPN 613E-9538
size 40.0-41.0 green high Woilbung 82772587 25.21€
MPN 613E-9540
size 42.0-43.0 green high Woilbung 82772588 25.21€
MPN 613E-9542
size 46.0-47.0 green high Woilbung 82772590 25.21€
MPN 613E-9546
size 48.0-49.0 green high Woilbung 82772591 25.21€
MPN 613E-9548
size 36.0-37.0 blue medium Woilbung 82772578 25.21€
MPN 613E-9436
size 38.0-39.0 blue medium Woilbung 82772579 25.21€
MPN 613E-9438
size 40.0-41.0 blue medium Woilbung 82772580 25.21€
MPN 613E-9440
size 42.0-43.0 blue medium Woilbung 82772581 25.21€
MPN 613E-9442
size 44.0-45.0 blue medium Woilbung 82772582 25.21€
MPN 613E-9444
size 46.0-47.0 blue medium Woilbung 82772583 25.21€
MPN 613E-9446
size 48.0-49.0 blue medium Woilbung 82772584 25.21€
MPN 613E-9448
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Supportive insoles by Specialized

The ergonomic, science-based design of the Body Geometry insoles was developed in collaboration with Dr. Andy Pruitt, director of the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine. They offer all bikers a tangible advantage in terms of comfort and performance.


  • Measurably higher pedaling efficiency, reduction in the risk of fatigue, avoidance of knee problems through better knee-foot alignment
  • 3 different levels of longitudinal arch support: "red+" = minimal, "blue++" = medium, "green+++" = high (suitable variant can be determined using "Arch-O-Meter")
  • Proprietary lightweight sole material provides long-lasting shape retention and support
  • Choice of appropriate footbed and number of BG Shims modifies forefoot angle, optimizing biomechanical alignment of foot, knee and hip (including +/- 1.5mm varus/valgus wedge)

scope of delivery

  • 1 pair of Specialized BG SL insoles (see item description for details)
Specialized BG SL footbed size 36.0-37.0 red  minimal  Woilbung
Specialized BG SL footbed size 36.0-37.0 green high Woilbung
Specialized BG SL footbed size 36.0-37.0 blue  medium  Woilbung

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