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Bell Annex MIPS helmet

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size S (52-56cm) mat lead 81211381 83.95€
MPN 7088266
size M (55-59cm) mat lead 81211382 83.95€
MPN 7088267
size L (58-62cm) mat lead 81211383 83.95€
MPN 7088268
size S (52-56cm) mat/gloss black 81210994 83.28€
MPN 7077671
size M (55-59cm) mat/gloss black 81210995 83.28€
MPN 7077672
size L (58-62cm) mat/gloss black 81210996 83.28€
MPN 7077673
size L (58-62cm) tactical mat/gloss dark green 81211723 83.95€
MPN 7101718
size M (55-59cm) tactical mat/gloss dark green 81211722 83.95€
MPN 7101717
size S (52-56cm) tactical mat/gloss dark green 81211721 83.95€
MPN 7101716
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King of commuters - day in day out

Whether you're commuting to work in stormy weather or whizzing through town on your e-bike, the Annex Shield MIPS® provides you with adaptable performance and makes each of your trips smoother, faster and more comfortable. The Active Air System allows you to individually adjust the ventilation openings to regulate the temperature. Other features include MIPS® technology, integrated reflector zones, a soft brim shield and a rear light mount for the best protection and independent mobility.


specification description
area of application Urban, everyday
Material outer shell polycarbonate
Number of ventilation openings 15 (8 adjustable Active Air™ / 3 forehead vents)
pads X-Static® pad
adjustment system Float Fit™
locking system Ratchet closure / No-Twist Tri-Glides™ harness guide
head circumference 52-56cm (size S) / 55-59cm (size M) / 58-62cm (size L)
extras Soft brim visor / reflective surfaces
weight approx. 425g (size M)

Technologies used

In this chapter we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses in this product.

Fusion In-Mold Polycarbonate Shell
The EPS foam is injected into the thin microshell shell while it's still in the mold (or "mold," which explains the name) rather than molding it separately and then gluing it on later. This process was first introduced by Bell and is now the standard for all demanding helmets.

Float Fit™
Bell's most advanced helmet fitting system combines comfort and safety in an ultra-lightweight design. Float Fit™ optimizes the fit of the helmet in 2 ways - head circumference and vertical adjustment. To reduce weight and simplify usability, the guide arms enclose the back of the head in a unique way thanks to the “Float” design. This puts the helmet in an ideal position on the head. Simple, light and comfortable.

Overbrow Ventilation™
Deep air inlets above the forehead bring cooling air into the helmet, which is guided around the head through a matrix of air channels and ensures a cool helmet climate throughout

Active Air™ allows the user to easily adjust airflow, temperature and aerodynamics through a sleek control panel on the top of the helmet. An internal sliding mechanism opens and closes all ventilation openings as required, thus delivering optimal performance in every driving situation.

X-Static® Pads
The X-Static XT2® pads are woven with silver threads. Fast-drying and antibacterial, they work against odors. In addition, the X-Static® pads give the driver a cooling feeling when it is hot and a warming feeling when it is cold thanks to their thermal properties.

The MIPS® safety system was developed to provide additional protection for helmets in numerous accidents. In certain impact situations, the MIPS system can reduce dangerous forces that might otherwise be transmitted to the helmet wearer's head.

1. Conventional helmets are designed and tested for a straight impact. In most cases, however, the impact is at an angle, which can cause rotational movements for the head.

2. This rotational movement can cause brain injury.

3. The low-friction shell is designed to help reduce rotational movement of the head in certain cases of angled impact.

Straight impact - oblique impact

The brain is typically more sensitive to rotational movement than linear movement because it has a shear strength similar to that of water or gel. When rotational movement causes different parts of the brain to move at different times, the tissues can be stretched, causing concussions or other brain injuries.

Rotational motion is a common cause of concussion and more serious brain injury from an oblique impact to the head. The MIPS system consists of a low-friction shell that is fixed inside the helmet. The low-friction shell is designed to slide slightly inside the helmet in the event of an accident, allowing forces to be directed away from the head. It is said to help reduce the risk of brain injuries.

Most conventional helmets are designed for a straight impact, but in most cases the impact is at an angle. The low-friction shell can reduce the rotational forces of an oblique impact.

Security system with the brain as a model

Unlike conventional helmets, which are primarily designed and tested for a straight impact, the low-friction shell of the MIPS system mimics the brain's own protection system against rotational movement. The cerebrospinal fluid is our natural defense system that allows the brain to move offset to the skull.

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Bell Annex MIPS helmet (see item description for details)
Bell Annex MIPS helmet size S (52-56cm)  mat  lead
Bell Annex MIPS helmet size S (52-56cm)  mat/gloss black
Bell Annex MIPS helmet size L (58-62cm) tactical  mat/gloss dark green
Bell Annex MIPS helmet size M (55-59cm) tactical  mat/gloss dark green
Bell Annex MIPS helmet size S (52-56cm) tactical  mat/gloss dark green
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