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    Handmade in Canada

    Rocky Mountain manufactures Bikes for people who love to cycle. This is the fundament of all their activities. There are millions of different cyclists. People who love long adventures on their bikes, people who practise the meanest tricks in the Jump Park, people who drive Cross Country races and people who enjoy all of that. There are endless combinations and endless possibilities.

    The goal of Rocky Mountain is to create a high quality bike selection which meets the requirements of the countless bikers. That is why Rocky Mountain especially looks out for innovation, quality and details. The results are bikes for people who love cycling. Bikes which are developed and built by enthusiastic cyclists. This is their secret: stable, beautiful high performance bikes which arise out of love to the cycling. This is why you can find a large spread of bike categories at Rocky Mountain.

    Rocky Mountain has developed four independent specially designed full-suspension systems. The develop department is directly next to the factory in Vancouver. There all bikes and road bikes are manufactured by hand and not in mass production. Rocky Mountain invests much in quality controls and solely uses brand tubes and brand components to create bikes.

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