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Mavic - Vestir Markenshop

The Mavic - Vestir brand shop

In the Mavic - Vestir brand shop you find 272 different products in total for bargain prices with worldwide shipping:
  • Bolsa multiusos de uso diario
  • Calcetines
  • Calentadores de brazo
  • Calentadores de piernas
  • Calentadores de rodilla
  • Calzoncillos y bragas
  • Camisetas
  • Camisetas
  • Cascos - piezas de recambio
  • Cascos para bici carretera
  • Cascos protectores MTB
  • Cazadoras
  • Cazadoras de ocio
  • Chalecos
  • Cinta para la frente
  • Cubre-zapatillas
  • Gorras casco / gorras para poner debajo del casco
  • Gorro de carreras / Retro- cap
  • Guantes dedos cortos
  • Guantes dedos largos
  • Maillot ciclista de manga corta
  • Maillot ciclista manga larga
  • Pantalones / culotes de tres cuartos
  • Pantalones / culotes largos de ciclista
  • Pantalones cortos de ciclista / culotes
  • Pañuelo cabeza / bufanda / pañuelo multiuso
  • Pasamontañas / Máscara
  • Piezas/tornillería para zapatillas
  • Tops / camisetas sin mangas
  • Zapatillas bicicleta carretera
  • Zapatillas MTB

About Mavic - Vestir


Mavic was founded in 1889, yes - eighteen hundred! - in France and today it is manufacturer of complete wheels, rims, components and computers for cycling.

As a true veteran of the bike industry Mavic (by the way an acronym for Manufacture d'Articles Vélocipédiques Idoux et Chanel) is not rusty at all, meanwhile Mavic is part of the Salomon concern and still you can find wheels and rims from Mavic at the bikes of the most professional cyclists. Both in road cycling and in mountainbike range the quality and precision of Mavic products is unquestionable. Recently Mavic also has its own line of clothing where special attention is paid to ergonomics and functionality.

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