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Jagwire Elite Ultra Slick inner shift cable

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Shimano/SRAM 2300mm 64490048 12.52€
MPN 73EL2300
Shimano/SRAM 3100mm 64490049 15.04€
MPN 73EL3100
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Jagwire Elite internal shifting cable

Jagwire applies a special polishing process to the inner coatings without coating, reliably preventing unevenness. This makes the trains even more lubricious than with a PTFE coating. In particular, new 11 and 12-speed shifting systems benefit from the smooth surface, which causes less friction and at the same time increases performance. Last but not least, this results in a higher durability and compatibility with other outer sheathings and lubricants.


  • Stainless steel, pre-stretched and highly polished
  • Optimal for 11 and 12-speed switching systems
  • Extremely low friction for precise shifting performance and longer life
  • Compatible with all types of outer sheaths, lubricants and end caps


  • 1x Jagwire Elite Ultra-Slick internal shifting Shimano / SRAM (see item description for details)
Jagwire Elite Ultra Slick inner shift cable Shimano/SRAM 2300mm
Jagwire Elite Ultra Slick inner shift cable Shimano/SRAM 3100mm

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