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HIBIKE's privacy policy

Thanks for visiting HIBIKE's Online World! Our privacy policy is straight forward: unless you explicitly decide to give personal information, we do not store any personal data on your visit to our e-Shop. In some cases, i.e. when sending an e-mail feedback to us, it might be necessary to let us know your e-mail-address in order for us to answer.

The following description shows how we treat your personal data:

Information gathered and stored

While exploring our HIBIKE online world, viewing pages or downloading information on your pc, data about your visit is automatically gathered. No user can be identified with this data - it is anonymized. We gather and save only the following data:

  1. The internet domain you are coming from. (Your provider, i.e. something like or AOL)
  2. The kind of browser and operating system you are using.
  3. The date and time of your visit.
  4. Visited pages and search phrases you typed in.
  5. If you were referred to us by another web page ("linked"), we save the name of this referring server.

We use this information,

  • for improving our online shop
  • for counting the number of visitors
  • for getting information about the browser technology used to browse our shop

We gather no data about individual visitors! We explicitly do not use cookies (little files stored on your hard drive). Consequently, wen can not recognize returning visitors and thus can not gather any data about them.

Sending feedback to us

If you send a feedback mail to us and therefore decide to let us know your name and e-mail address, we use this information exclusively for processing and answering your inquiry. Your feedbacks are encrypted before sending them to our internal e-mail management system. We handle these messages in the same way we do with written letters: we keep these mails, but use the information supplied only in order to answer you. We don't create personal customer profiles nor do we make the data available to any third party outside of HIBIKE - we do not sell your e-mail address.


If you decide to order an article online, we are very happy. In that case, you’ll have to fill in your personal information so that we can process your order. You can be sure that this information is exclusively used for your order: The data is not saved on our web server. When completing the ordering procedure, the data will be encrypted and sent to our internal merchandise management system. On the web server itself, the data wil be deleted, so that we achieve a maximum of security. You’ll receive a (non-encrypted) copy of your order by e-mail. If you should decide to pay by credit card, we will send only the last four digits of the credit card number for your assignment purposes. We will never transmit a non-encrypted credit card number in full length.

More questions

If you have further questions regarding HIBIKE's Privacy Policy, don’t hesitate to fill in our feedback form or simply send an e-mail to

Thanks for reading our Privacy Policy!

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