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Campagnolo Bora WTO 33 28" 287## set Campagnolo freewheel

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The versatile WTO 33 carbon wheel from Campagnolo

The family of carbon wheels Aero is complemented by the 33 mm profile. Each impeller component has been optimized in the wind tunnel to improve the aerodynamic performance of the impeller. There are many advantages and they can be seen on the different types of routes, from the most demanding sprints to relaunching after the bends, without sacrificing comfort and efficiency on the flat routes: Now the balance bike is also suitable for the most demanding goals when going uphill! This wheel marks a turning point in the all-round wheel segment: It is really versatile.

Aerodynamic carbon rims, aluminum hubs and ceramic USB cone bearing shell system in the hubs: every design decision for these wheels is aimed at optimizing performance. The inner rim width of 19mm allows the installation of tires with 23mm, 25mm and 28mm. In addition, with the 2-Way Fit version, Campagnolo again offers the proven technology that enables perfect compatibility with clincher tires and tubeless tires. If the goal of these wheels is extreme performance, safety is guaranteed by Campagnolo's AC3 (All Conditions Carbon Control) technology, a guarantee of safe and modular braking in all weather conditions.

Main advantages

33 mm ... but aero

The slim design of the hub in the middle part makes the face of the component smaller and the special design of the flanks favors the flow closure and thus reduces turbulence. The aero-elliptical cross-section of the 18 front wheel spokes drastically reduces rolling resistance.

Fast and ... smooth

The proven USB cone bearing shell system ensures that the ceramic bearings slide correctly. The 2-Way Fit profile enables not only the assembly of the clincher tire, but also the tire with the lowest rolling resistance currently available: the tubeless. The inner width of 19mm enables the assembly of tires with 23, 25 and 28mm with a perfect connection of the rim-tire system.

Opting for Campagnolo

Campagnolo's usual smoothness of movement is even better despite the aerodynamic rim design in the 33mm profile. The design of the wheel makes it possible to reduce the loss of power to a minimum by transferring all of the power produced by the cyclist to the asphalt. A 33mm profile with a pair of wheels weighing less than 1,400g makes it the ideal wheel for hilly routes.

Attention: Illustrations can deviate from the equipment list!


  • Full carbon rim - developed in the wind tunnel for tubeless tires and clincher tires: maximum aerodynamic performance. Very high lateral stiffness
  • AC3 ™ braking surface technology (All Conditions Carbon Control): The braking performance on dry and especially on wet ground is improved
  • 100% carbon rim High Modulus: The rim made of unidirectional carbon fibers guarantees the driving pleasure typical of Campagnolo. Lightness, robustness and reliability - these are the main characteristics of the Campagnolo carbon, without the addition of paint, but with anti-UV resin
  • Special brake shoes for carbon wheels: The special compound increases the braking performance on both wet and dry surfaces without increasing wear on the brake shoe or wearing down the braking surface
  • Allow extremely high air penetration
  • Exclusive G3 ™ spoke pattern: All the spokes on the rear wheel are equally strong
  • curious; excited. This reduces the load and increases lateral stiffness and power transmission
  • Self-locking aluminum nipples: hold correct tension and require no maintenance
  • USB ™ ceramic bearings: Reduces friction, increases smooth running. Particularly low-wear
  • Cone bearing: easy bearing adjustment for precise function and long service life
  • Structure of the aluminum hub - light, extremely stiff and aerodynamic: Optimized in the wind tunnel and at the same time designed in such a way that the highest stiffness and the best weight are guaranteed
  • Weight reduction
  • Oversize flange on the drive side: higher torsional stiffness for more power transmission and higher reactivity


Area of application Road Road Road Road
Type Wheelset Wheelset Wheelset Wheelset
Suitable for Clincher, tubeless tires Clincher, tubeless tires Clincher, tubeless tires Clincher, tubeless tires
Tubeless ready Yes Yes Yes Yes
Impeller size 28 '' 28 '' 28 '' 28 ''
Brake compatibility Rim brake Rim brake Rim brake Rim brake
Material rim Carbon Carbon Carbon Carbon
Rim height 33mm 33mm 33mm 33mm
Inner rim width 19mm 19mm 19mm 19mm
Outer rim width 26.5mm 26.5mm 26.5mm 26.5mm
Spoke type Stainless steel, elliptical cross-section Stainless steel, elliptical cross-section Stainless steel, elliptical cross-section Stainless steel, elliptical cross-section
Lacing Radial Radial Radial Radial
Number of spokes 18/21 (front / rear) 18/21 (front / rear) 18/21 (front / rear) 18/21 (front / rear)
Spoke nipples Aluminum nipple, self-locking Aluminum nipple, self-locking Aluminum nipple, self-locking Aluminum nipple, self-locking
Axis / installation dimension 9x100mm / 9x130mm (front / rear) 9x100mm / 9x130mm (front / rear) 9x100mm / 9x130mm (front / rear) 9x100mm / 9x130mm (front / rear)
hub aluminum aluminum aluminum aluminum
warehouse USB ceramics USB ceramics USB ceramics USB ceramics
Freewheel Campagnolo, 9-12 speed Campagnolo, 9-12 speed Shimano HG, 9-11-speed Shimano HG, 9-11-speed
Freewheel body material aluminum aluminum aluminum aluminum
colour bright label dark label bright label dark label
Weight approx. 1395g (VR: approx. 617g / HR: approx. 778g) approx. 1395g (VR: approx. 617g / HR: approx. 778g) approx. 1395g (VR: approx. 617g / HR: approx. 778g) approx. 1395g (VR: approx. 617g / HR: approx. 778g)

Technologies used

In this chapter we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses for this product.

USB ™ - Ultra Smooth Bearings
Extremely smooth and reliable bearings have always been part of the Campagnolo philosophy. Not only do their USBTM (Ultra Smooth Bearings) ceramic bearings weigh less and require less maintenance than standard bearings, they also run 50 percent lighter, which their tests prove.

G3 ™ geometry
The G3TM geometry on the rear wheel has twice as many spokes on the right as on the left. This G3 ™ pattern transfers the power better, ensures even spoke tension on the right and left, it protects the more heavily loaded right spokes and increases the lateral stiffness.
Your advantage: it runs faster and lasts longer. And Campagnolo thinks it's even nicer.

AC3 ™
The introduction of this special and carefully developed braking surface creates a safe, reliable and powerful deceleration in all weather conditions.

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Campagnolo Bora WTO 33 28 `` wheelset (see item description for details)
  • 1 pair of quick release levers
  • 1 pair of tubeless valves
  • 1 pair of valve extensions
  • 1 pair of reducing sleeves
  • 1 pair of tire levers
  • 1 x user manual
Campagnolo Bora WTO 33 28" 287## set Campagnolo  CA- freewheel  dark label
Campagnolo Bora WTO 33 28" 287## set Campagnolo  CA- freewheel  bright label

Über die Marke Campagnolo

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