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Wilier Zero SLR disc 28" road bike bike SRAM Force eTAP AXS/Fulcrum Racing Zero aluminium 2020

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size XS admiral blue/glossy 8.067,23€ 18695955
size S admiral blue/glossy 8.067,23€ 18695958
size M admiral blue/glossy 8.067,23€ 18695961
size L admiral blue/glossy 8.067,23€ 18695964
size XL admiral blue/glossy 8.067,23€ 18695967
size XXL admiral blue/glossy 8.067,23€ 18695970
size XS velvet red/matt 8.067,23€ 18695953
size S velvet red/matt 8.067,23€ 18695956
size M velvet red/matt 8.067,23€ 18695959
size L velvet red/matt 8.067,23€ 18695962
size XL velvet red/matt 8.067,23€ 18695965
size XXL velvet red/matt 8.067,23€ 18695968
size XS black/white matt 8.067,23€ 18695954
size S black/white matt 8.067,23€ 18695957
size M black/white matt 8.067,23€ 18695960
size L black/white matt 8.067,23€ 18695963
size XL black/white matt 8.067,23€ 18695966
size XXL black/white matt 8.067,23€ 18695969
size XS astana 8.873,95€ 18696867
size S astana 8.873,95€ 18696868
size M astana 8.873,95€ 18696869
size L astana 8.873,95€ 18696870
size XL astana 8.873,95€ 18696871
size XXL astana 8.873,95€ 18696872
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Nothing will ever be the same

Wilier 0 SLR is the first ultra-light racing bike frame with disc brakes and completely internal cables. Behind the rather reserved aesthetics of the Wilier 0 SLR frame is a synthesis of highly complicated concepts of lightness and integration. It has all the features that particularly demanding cyclists are looking for in technologically advanced racing bikes: maximum lightness, stability and optimal control at high speeds, good braking performance, electronic translation, aerodynamic efficiency and complete cable integration.

All of this merged in the style of Wilier's distinctive design.

Wilier`s answer to increasingly heavy racing bikes

Unmatched ease

An unmistakable feature of the Wilier Zero SLR is the light weight of the frame: at 780 grams in size M, the version of the Wilier Zero SLR in matt black ranks first in the product range of the ultra-light frames from Wilier Triestina. With a complete top equipment, the bike weighs a full 6.5 kg.

Complete integration

For the general public, maximum aesthetic purity is a highly valued and desirable feature. Wilier Triestina was already one of the first wheel manufacturers in the world to respond to this trend in 2016 and, with his Cento10AIR, led the brake and shift cables through the hollow handlebar that is installed with the frame. The Wilier 0 SLR emphasizes this feature even more, because the complete integration results in a record weight of the frame, fork and handlebar. The various elements that make this integration possible have been redesigned and developed further: the integrated handlebar Zero, the handlebar spacers made of composite material, the segment of the head tube of the frame.

Stiffness to Weight

With carbon frames, high STW values (abbreviation for stiffness-to-weight) are synonymous with performance. The formula makes it easy to deduce that high values for torsional stiffness and low weight are worthwhile quality features. In order to get a rigid frame, material is usually added, which increases the weight. If, on the other hand, the weight is to be reduced, there is a risk of impairing the rigidity and thus handling and driving safety.

The Wilier 0 SLR was able to achieve the ultimate lightness and rigidity ratio thanks to the carbon mixture used, the special fiber orientation and the construction technology, which exceeded the STW value of the previous models Zero.7 and Zero.6 by 24%.

Spacers Easy-Fit

The spacers between the head tube of the frame and the handlebar are made of composite material with high rigidity and have a special cavity for the cable routing. The two-part composition enables easy assembly and disassembly without additional work on the cables that run between the handlebar and the frame.

Thru axles Speed Release

Another innovation is the Mavic Speed Release brand thru axles: These axles enable the wheel to be released quickly from the frame without the axle having to be pulled completely off the wheel hub. This solution considerably reduces the time required for removing and installing the wheel. This saves an average of 7 seconds when changing a wheel during a race compared to a conventional thru axle. Wilier opted for the Speed Release thru axle to save weight (only 85 grams per pair) and to ensure the integrity of the frame: When the optimum tightening torque is reached when the wheel is locked, the integrated control system prevents additional force from being applied overtighten the thread and could damage the frame or the fork.

Asymmetry as a solution

The power transmission to the rear wheel must not be distributed unevenly, as this leads to a loss of pedaling power. To meet this requirement, the rear triangle has an asymmetrical structure, with the left strut tilting up slightly more than the right. This arrangement prevents the force that the driver transfers onto the chain from being deflected laterally. For this reason, the solution is asymmetry.

Seat post and clamp

Wilier Triestina has developed a new type of carbon monocoque seat post for the Wilier Zero SLR. The slim shape refers to the shortened rear profiles of the aerodynamic Wilier Triestina models Cento10PRO and Cento10NDR. The seat post is available in two geometries, one with a 0 mm retraction and the other with a 115 mm retraction, both compatible with the Ritchey 1-bolt seat clamp. It is attached to the frame with an expander, which is housed inside the horizontal tube. A high on aesthetics and aerodynamics.

Balance design

Six sizes - unique driving experience. The pipe sections in different sizes are designed so that rigidity, steering behavior and comfort are the same for every frame size. More specifically, in the design phase, another section of the main tubes was sized based on the size to increase the torsional rigidity and stability of the frame.

Attention: The illustration can deviate from the equipment list


specification description
frame Zero SLR - Carbon Monocoque HUS MOD + Crystal Liquid Polymer
fork Zero SLR - Carbon Monocoque HUS MOD + Crystal Liquid Polymer
tax rate FSA Custom Bearings
handlebars Zero integrated carbon bar
Shift / Brake lever SRAM Force eTap AXS Disc
derailleur SRAM Force eTap AXS, 12-speed
derailleur SRAM Force eTap AXS
Bottom Bracket SRAM DUB PressFit
crankset SRAM Force AXS DUB Carbon, 46 / 33t
cassette SRAM Force XG-1270, 10 / 28t
Chain SRAM Force eTAP AXS
brakes SRAM Force eTap AXS HRD
brake discs SRAM Centerline XR Centerlock, 160mm
saddle Prologo Dimension 143
seatpost Zero SLR, custom made by Wilier
wheel size 28 "
Front wheel / rear wheel Fulcrum Racing Zero Alu
Front / rear tires Vittoria Corsa, 700x25mm
Others Mavic Speed Release Thru Axle, 12x100mm VR / 12x142mm HR

Technologies used

In this chapter we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses for this product.

Improve your posture in the saddle with Accu-Fit
The optimal seating position is known to be one of the most important issues for cyclists, especially for competitors and long-distance riders. In the past, it was relatively easy to measure the length of tubes on steel bicycles, but with the years and with the introduction of sloping geometries, determining the dimensions became more and more complex. In addition to the usual values (height, length and angle), data for reach & stack were added, horizontal and vertical values for the distance between the bottom bracket and the handlebar center.

But modern bikes like the Wilier Zero SLR, the Cento10PRO and the Cento10NDR have increased the complexity of the measurement even further. These are complete, complex systems that result from the combination of frames, spacers and monocoque handlebars. When buying, it is therefore important to know the size of each individual bicycle element based on your own physiognomy. As a manufacturer of frames and monocoque handlebars, we have added a new value to the frame measurement that combines the length of the head tube and the dimensions of the monocoque handlebar.

This coordinate, called ACCU-FIT, determines the distance between the center of the bottom bracket and the hand support in the center of the handlebar. It is clear that there are as many coordinates for each model as there are frame sizes, multiplied by the number of handlebars and the configuration of the spacers.

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Wilier Zero SLR Disc 28 "road bike complete bike (see item description for details)

product video

Wilier Zero SLR disc 28" road bike bike SRAM Force eTAP AXS/Fulcrum Racing Zero aluminium size XS admiral blue/glossy 2020
Wilier Zero SLR disc 28" road bike bike SRAM Force eTAP AXS/Fulcrum Racing Zero aluminium size XS velvet red/matt 2020
Wilier Zero SLR disc 28" road bike bike SRAM Force eTAP AXS/Fulcrum Racing Zero aluminium size XS black/white matt 2020
Wilier Zero SLR disc 28" road bike bike SRAM Force eTAP AXS/Fulcrum Racing Zero aluminium size XS astana 2020
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