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VAUDE Air III Wind jacket ladies

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Item #
size 36 black 40,84€ 87067832
size 38 black 40,84€ 87067833
size 40 black 40,84€ 87067834
size 42 black 40,84€ 87067835
size 44 black 40,84€ 87067836
size 34 kingfisher 51,33€ 87073113
size 36 kingfisher 51,33€ 87073114
size 38 kingfisher 51,33€ 87073115
size 40 kingfisher 51,33€ 87073116
size 42 kingfisher 51,33€ 87073117
size 44 kingfisher 51,33€ 87073118
size 46 kingfisher 51,33€ 87073119
size 36 glacier 51,33€ 87073120
size 38 glacier 51,33€ 87073121
size 40 glacier 51,33€ 87073122
size 42 glacier 51,33€ 87073123
size 44 glacier 51,33€ 87073124
size 34 crimson red 51,33€ 87073125
size 36 crimson red 51,33€ 87073126
size 38 crimson red 51,33€ 87073127
size 40 crimson red 51,33€ 87073128
size 42 crimson red 51,33€ 87073129
size 44 crimson red 51,33€ 87073130
size 46 crimson red 51,33€ 87073131
size 36 mimosa 52,34€ 87073132
size 38 mimosa 52,34€ 87073133
size 40 mimosa 52,34€ 87073134
size 42 mimosa 52,34€ 87073135
size 44 mimosa 52,34€ 87073136
size 34 white 41,24€ 87067863
size 36 white 41,24€ 87067864
size 38 white 41,24€ 87067865
size 40 white 41,24€ 87067866
size 42 white 41,24€ 87067867
size 44 white 41,24€ 87067868
size 46 white 41,24€ 87067869
  • Material: Hauptstoff : 100% Polyamid
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VAUDE Air III windbreaker women

A light, sporty windbreaker for cycling

A touch of nothing. The ultralight windbreaker you can stow tiny in the back pocket; Unpacked, it withstands the strongest breeze and also protects the environment. The jacket is made of environmentally friendly material and certified to the strict environmental standard bluesign® system; the sporty cut guarantees full streamlined skiing. This product is made with eco finish environmentally friendly water repellent without Fluorcarbone (PFC). The VAUDE Green Shape label stands for an environmentally friendly, functional product made of sustainable materials.


  • 80% windproof, very breathable and water repellent
  • very light and packable small
  • produced environmentally friendly
  • preformed sleeves
  • Underride with chin guard on the collar
  • Lycra binding at arms and hem
  • 1 back pocket for stowing the jacket
  • full-length front zip
  • reflective elements
  • Length (in medium size): 67 cm
  • Weight: 73 g

Applied technologies

In this chapter, we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses for this product.

VAUDE is committed to good working conditions and fair wages for all. You are a member of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) and you are committed to continuously improving working conditions in all manufacturing facilities. These are checked regularly. VAUDE has achieved the highest status as an FWF member with the Leader status.

Green Shape
With Vaude's Green Shape label, they offer you functional, environmentally friendly products made from sustainable materials. In manufacturing, Vaude pays attention to fair working conditions throughout the supply chain. Vaude's evaluation criteria are rigorous and transparent. They are constantly reviewed and cover the entire lifecycle of the product - from design through production to maintenance, repair and recovery.

Eco Finish
VAUDE Eco Finish products are environmentally friendly, water-repellent without fluorocarbons (PFC). PFC belong to a group of chemical compounds that are used in many outdoor products to impregnate the outer fabric. They have come under criticism because they are considered non-degradable, accumulate in the body and are suspected to be harmful to health. VAUDE has a clear commitment to completely relinquish PFC.

Slim fit
Slim Fit: Close fit

The Ultralight Icon honors VAUDE products, which are among the lightest on the market in their class. The low weight is achieved through the use of extremely lightweight materials and the deliberate reduction to the essential features.


  • 1x VAUDE Air III windbreaker women (see item description for details)
VAUDE Air III Wind jacket ladies size 36 black
VAUDE Air III Wind jacket ladies size 34 kingfisher
VAUDE Air III Wind jacket ladies size 36 glacier
VAUDE Air III Wind jacket ladies size 34 crimson red
VAUDE Air III Wind jacket ladies size 36 mimosa
VAUDE Air III Wind jacket ladies size 34 white

Über die Marke VAUDE

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