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Tubolito Tubo City/Tour tube 700C

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SV 42mm 16,03€ 48490014
AV 40mm 16,03€ 48490015
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The lightweight Tubolito bicycle tube made of thermoplastic

Tubo-City / Touring is not breathtaking: With a slightly larger wall thickness, Tubo-City / Touring not only boasts three times the sturdiness of standard hoses, it also has better air retention capacity. However, should inflation be necessary, this is easily possible with either the 40 mm AV metal valve or the 42 mm SV plastic valve.

The new generation of bicycle tubes

Tubolito combines the innovative high-tech material thermoplastic with a newly developed production technology. Seams are reduced to a minimum and remaining seams overlap widely.

The result is a unique, high-quality product - made in one piece. The testriders were enthusiastic about the combination of weight reduction and higher resistance.

Tubolito hoses made of the high-tech thermoplastic material can withstand twice the forces of standard hoses. The material can be stretched more than four times, providing maximum protection against breakdown. A 0.75 mm test mandrel travels at a defined speed through a predrilled hole in the jacket. Tire pressure is 2.0 bar. The force and the way to the puncture are recorded. Tubolito convinces clearly here: The puncture resistance is twice as high with respect to the puncture as with standard hoses.


  • Lightweight - weight savings up to 65% over a standard hose
  • Robust - 2x stronger than standard tubing
  • Made in EU - Designed, developed and manufactured in Europe


specification description
mass 700C: AV - 90g / SV - 82g
tire width 30-47mm
Valve Type Sclaverand / French valve
Length valve 40mm / 42mm
application Touring / Trekking / City


  • 1 x Tubolito Tubo City / Tour hose 700C (see item description for details)

product test
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Tubolito Tubo City/Tour tube 700C SV 42mm

Über die Marke Tubolito

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