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Trek Domane SLR disc 28" road bike frame kit

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size 54cm 2.721,68€ 17575062
size 44cm 2.721,68€ 17575063
size 47cm 2.721,68€ 17575065
size 56cm solid charcoal/Trek black 2019 1.814,12€ 17575066
size 58cm 2.721,68€ 17575067
size 62cm 2.721,68€ 17575068
size 52cm 2.721,68€ 17575069
size 60cm 2.721,68€ 17575070
size 54cm mat dnister black/viper red 2020 3.528,40€ 17576978
size 56cm mat dnister black/viper red 2020 3.528,40€ 17576979
size 50cm mat dnister black/viper red 2020 3.528,40€ 17576980
size 58cm mat dnister black/viper red 2020 3.528,40€ 17576981
size 52cm mat dnister black/viper red 2020 3.528,40€ 17576982
size 60cm mat dnister black/viper red 2020 3.528,40€ 17576983
size 47cm mat dnister black/viper red 2020 3.528,40€ 17576984
size 62cm mat dnister black/viper red 2020 3.528,40€ 17576985
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The Domane SLR Disc Road Bike Frame Kit by Trek

The domain offers everything: maximum speed. Incredible racing comfort and driving stability, even on the rock-hard cobblestones of Flanders and Roubaix. Not sticking. Push through! The rear IsoSpeed ​​joint - the top feature of the Domane, celebrated as the breakthrough in modern bicycle design - can now be adjusted to accommodate vertical compliance to road conditions and driver preferences. As a further development of IsoSpeed ​​technology, Trek now offers a solution to the bumps and vibrations experienced by road cyclists on the front of their bike with the introduction of Front IsoSpeed ​​and the all-new IsoCore vibration damping handlebar.

Highlights of the Domane SLR Disc Frame Kit

  • Adjustable rear IsoSpeed
  • Front IsoSpeed
  • Domane carbon disc fork

Technical specifications

Frame: 600 Series OCLV Carbon, Front IsoSpeed, Adjustable Rear IsoSpeed, Flat mount disc brakes, E2, BB90, internal cable routing, 3S chain keeper, DuoTrap S compatible, Ride Tuned seatmast
Fork: Domane Carbon Disc, E2, 12mm thru-axle
Headset: Integrated, bearing, sealed, 1-1 / 8 "top, 1.5" bottom


Adjustable rear IsoSpeed
The revolutionary rear IsoSpeed ​​joint has made the Domane a modern classic in the blink of an eye. Professional athletes, journalists and drivers around the world felt the difference and praised the technology as an immediate success. With the domain, there was now a bike in the cycling world that was twice as forgiving as a conventional road bike with the same excellent performance. Shortly after the release of the first generation of the Domane, Trek engineers, driven by the spirit of innovation rooted in corporate culture, began researching ways to improve technology with the help of Trek's top athletes. Weight and physique of drivers can be very diverse, as well as road conditions, driving style and fitness level. However, every driver has in common the desire for an optimal driving experience. Just behind the seat tube of the Domane SLR is a slider that allows the rider to adjust the vertical compliance of the bike to his preferences or to the road conditions. In the lowest position, the vertical compliance is 14% higher than that of the first generation domain.

Front IsoSpeed
While the IsoSpeed ​​joint took care of the rear end, there were calls for a vibration-damping solution for the front end. The challenge Trek engineers faced was similar to what they faced in 2010 when the first generation of the Domane was first developed: how can vibrations be reduced without sacrificing efficiency and control? And here, too, the solution for the front end of the rear triangle was not dissimilar. The front IsoSpeed ​​system is a kind of decoupler that allows the steerer to move independently of the head tube, improving frontal compliance by 10% compared to a traditional road bike.

The best of the rest
While many brands are content with incremental changes to their platforms, Trek takes a different approach and completes the domain with some key features that help improve the driving experience of all drivers. Based on what is probably the most praised feature of its aerodynamic brother, the Madone, the Domane SLR in the down tube under the bottle holder is equipped with a control center that houses the internal Di2 battery.


  • 1x Trek Domane SLR disc road bike frame kit (see item description for details)
Trek Domane SLR disc 28" road bike frame kit size 54cm solid charcoal/Trek black 2019
Trek Domane SLR disc 28" road bike frame kit size 54cm mat dnister black/viper red 2020

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