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HIBIKE Testcenter


You really need to test a high end bike before buying it. Just sitting on it in the store or riding circles in front of it is not nearly enough. No, you have to ride it: ride it out on the track you now best. Only then will you know if the bike fits your riding needs.

HIBIKE holds some of the best bikes in stock for you in our test center.
  • For a nominal service charge of 50 Euro, you can ride a whole day long - if you like, also from Saturday to Monday. And if you decide to buy a bike within 3 months after the test ride, you'll get back the service charge!
  • Give us a call or send an e-mail, and we will fix an indiviual date for your test ride!

Leihbedingungen Testbikes

  • Eine Ausleihe ist entweder über das Wochenende oder über einen Werktag möglich. Die Abholung kann nach Vereinbarung erfolgen, die Rückgabe muss am nächsten Werktag bis spätestens 17 Uhr erfolgen.
  • Für Verlust, Beschädigung im Betrieb oder Schäden durch unsachgemäße Handhabung haftet der Entleiher.
  • Der Verleih von Testbikes bei Schnee ist leider nicht möglich, da der Verschleiß der Räder bei dieser Witterung überdurchschnittlich hoch ist.

Test Bike Classes

As soon the new bike model line up is available, we sell the previous test bike line up. To make sure you know what you're buying we have classified the bikes in four condition categorys.

Testbike-Kategorie Testbike-Kategorie
Very good condition:
Barely ridden, perfect technical condition, virtually no signs of use
Good condition:
Was rarely ridden, good technical condition, slight signs of wear
Was ridden often, good technical condition, shows sings of wear
Heavily used:
Was ridden often, few technical defects, clear signs of wear

At the moment we have following bikes for test rides:
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