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SRAM S900 Aero FM HRD disc brake wheel black A1

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rear 64200038 270.59€
MPN 00.5018.115.001
front 64200037 268.82€
MPN 00.5018.115.000
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SRAM`s hydraulic brake for time trial and triathlon bikes

In the aero racing disciplines, hydraulic disc brakes can mean a whole new world of speeding up. If you spend less time slowing down, you can be fast longer. Better brakes mean faster lap times, not least because of the safety that the braking force provides.


  • Braking power and controllability optimized for time trials and triathlons
  • Brake platform HydroT offers superior control, a defined pressure point and the best heat dissipation
  • Profiled carbon brake lever for better finger grip
  • Reach adjustment for personal adjustment
  • First installation quick and easy thanks to Stealth-a-majig ™.
  • Trouble-free and quick ventilation thanks to Bleeding-Edge ™
  • Flat mount only available


specification 00.5018.115.000 00.5018.115.001
Application area Triathlon, time trial Triathlon, time trial
Type Disc, hydraulic Disc, hydraulic
Assembly Front wheel Rear wheel
Brake lever material Carbon Carbon
Brake lever housing material aluminum aluminum
Material brake caliper aluminum aluminum
Material fastening screws titanium titanium
brake fluid DOT 5.1 DOT5.1
Brake pad Organic, steel support plate Organic, steel support plate
Assembly brake caliper Flat mount, 20mm offset Flat mount, 20mm offset
type Flip flop (both sides) Flip flop (both sides)
Material brake line plastic plastic
Cable length 1100mm 2000mm
Brake line Filled and vented Filled and vented
Line connection banjo banjo
Recommended brake discs SRAM Centerlock SRAM Centerlock
Material brake piston 2 2
Attachment Triathlon / time trial handlebars Triathlon / time trial handlebars
Reach adjustment Yes (with tools) Yes (with tools)
Pressure point adjustment No No

Technologies used

In this chapter we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses for this product.

Bleeding Edge ™

In this new brake fluid circuit, the vent opening has been moved to the underside of the brake calliper and all four piston bores can access it. During the bleeding process, the brake caliper is naturally filled with fluid, which enables easier and more even bleeding.

Reach Adjust

The fit and ergonomics of the brake lever is a very personal matter. The drivers have individual position preferences as well as unique hand sizes and finger lengths. With the reach adjustment, the lever can be easily adjusted - for maximum control with just one finger.

scope of delivery

  • 1 x SRAM S900 Aero FM HRD disc brake for front or rear (see item description for details)
  • 1 x olive
  • 1 x insert pin
  • 1 x fuse block for ventilation
  • Incl. Mounting material
SRAM S900 Aero FM HRD disc brake rear wheel  black A1
SRAM S900 Aero FM HRD disc brake front wheel  black A1

Über die Marke SRAM

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