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SRAM Red BB30 crank set 11 speed BCD (without BB30 bottom bracket ) black

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Item #
165mm 50/34 teeth 110mm 382,08€ 54209048
167.5mm 50/34 teeth 110mm 423,43€ 54209049
170mm 50/34 teeth 110mm 418,89€ 54209050
172.5mm 50/34 teeth 110mm 411,23€ 54209051
175mm 50/34 teeth 110mm 411,23€ 54209052
177.5mm 50/34 teeth 110mm 409,71€ 54209053
165mm 53/39 teeth 130mm 422,42€ 54209054
167.5mm 53/39 teeth 130mm 423,43€ 54209055
170mm 53/39 teeth 130mm 412,74€ 54209056
172.5mm 53/39 teeth 130mm 408,10€ 54209057
175mm 53/39 teeth 130mm 412,74€ 54209058
177.5mm 53/39 teeth 130mm 411,33€ 54209059
165mm 46/36 teeth 110mm 423,43€ 54209060
167.5mm 46/36 teeth 110mm 423,43€ 54209061
170mm 46/36 teeth 110mm 411,33€ 54209062
172.5mm 46/36 teeth 110mm 411,23€ 54209063
175mm 46/36 teeth 110mm 395,19€ 54209064
177.5mm 46/36 teeth 110mm 408,10€ 54209065
165mm 52/36 teeth 110mm 411,23€ 54209066
167.5mm 52/36 teeth 110mm 411,23€ 54209067
170mm 52/36 teeth 110mm 408,10€ 54209068
172.5mm 52/36 teeth 110mm 408,10€ 54209069
175mm 52/36 teeth 110mm 411,23€ 54209070
177.5mm 52/36 teeth 110mm 394,18€ 54209071
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SRAM Red 22 BB30 Crankset eTap Design

The already legendary SRAM RED crank is now available with fresh graphics matching the new SRAM RED eTap components.

SRAM Red 22 BB30 Crankset

The Red 22 crank in eTap design with only 557g (BB30). The already legendary SRAM RED crank is now available with fresh graphics matching the new SRAM RED eTap components. The RED crank is completely hollow right up to the spider. Their construction allows more effective use of carbon fibers to further improve stiffness and reduce weight. The X Glide chainrings perfectly blend in with the Yaw technology of the front derailleur and thus provide an outstanding and low-friction shifting.


  • Exogram ™
  • Crankarm material: Carbon in hollow construction
  • Chainring material: 7075-T6 aluminum
  • Chainring bolts: aluminum
  • Compatible with 11-speed circuits
  • Compatible with SRAM RED eTap components
  • Slim design
  • Especially stiff
  • X-Glider ™ chainrings
  • Weight: 557g (BB30 172.5mm 53x39 without bottom bracket)


Exogram ™

The hollow carbon construction starts in the crank arm and extends into the crank spider. It ensures an optimal ratio of stiffness and weight

X-glider chainrings

The chainrings in combination with the Yaw derailleur ensure optimum shifting performance. The stiffer blades (5 mm, 7075-T6 aluminum, CNC machined) have a modern style shift pin, adopted by SRAM XX. The CNC machining allows the precise control of each tooth shape, each climbing aid and almost every switching function of the chainring. Chainrings, chain and derailleur provide an integrated system for optimal performance.


  • 1x SRAM Red 22 crankset incl. 2 chainrings (without BB30 bottom bracket) black (eTap Design)
SRAM Red BB30 crank set 165mm 11 speed 50/34  teeth 110mm  BCD (without BB30 bottom bracket ) black

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