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SRAM Red 22 shift-/brake lever

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11 speed rear black 54209127 160.34€
MPN 00.7018.232.000
duplex front black 54209128 160.34€
MPN 00.7018.232.001
2x11 speed set 54209126 325.97€
MPN 00.7018.231.000
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SRAM RED shift lever and brake lever

The SRAM RED shift / brake levers have a great look and continue SRAM's philosophy of perfecting the driver-to-bike interface. SRAM has checked everything thoroughly - the transition between the handlebars and grip rubbers, the grip structure, the finger grip and the respective contact points with both the shift lever and the brake lever. The result is a decidedly comfortable, highly custom fit that makes the shift / brake levers seem like a natural extension to the rider.


  • Compatible with SRAM 11-speed gears for racing bikes
  • Also available for HydroR disc brakes
  • The clamp provides a perfect fit and fit for modern carbon and ergonomic handlebars.
  • Suitable for Yaw ™ throwers
  • The textured ErgoFit ™ body allows for a better grip and finger reach with a smaller diameter for better control and transition to the handlebar.
  • The individual grip width adjustment of the brake and shift lever - easily accessible with a standard Allen key - moves the controls to where you need them.
  • A larger ErgoBlade ™ carbon lever improves shifting from the lower handlebar positions.
  • The DoubleTap © technology enables both circuits with just one lever.
  • ZeroLoss ™ circuit for immediate shifting.


specification description
colour black
version Set; front or rear right (depending on variant)

Applied technologies

In this chapter, we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses for this product.

Double tap

DoubleTap® makes switching faster and easier, eliminating the cumbersome and unnatural movement that two-lever systems required. DoubleTap shifts up and down in a short, easy movement. Minimal effort and maximum comfort no matter where your hands are on the handlebars.

DoubleTap® uses two pawls: one to hold the ratchet wheel and one to move up and down during gear changes. The pawls are arranged so that they can skip each other, depending on how far and how much pressure you push the gear lever.

With a quick, quick tap, the transport pawl moves the ratchet wheel up through the shift range. For a lower gear, the lever is moved a longer distance (in the same direction as upshift, but at the maximum possible angle of 15º). The retaining pawl and the transport pawl skip fast and clean.


  • 1 x SRAM Red 22 shift / brake lever (see item description for details)
SRAM Red 22 shift-/brake lever 11 speed rear black
SRAM Red 22 shift-/brake lever 2x11 speed set

Über die Marke SRAM

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