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Specialized standard tube Valve

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Item #
26x2.3-3.0 Presta 32mm (french valve/Presta) 6,96€ 42770122
24x2.3-3.0 Presta 32mm (french valve/Presta) 6,96€ 42770123
26x1.0-1.15 Presta 32mm (french valve/Presta) 5,16€ 42770126
650B/27.5x1.75-2.4 Presta 40mm (french valve/Presta) 6,96€ 42774689
26x1.25-2.0 Dunlop 40mm (Dunlop- valve) 5,16€ 42774743
20x1 1/8-1 3/8 BMX mini Presta 32mm (french valve/Presta) 5,16€ 42774745
20x1.0-1.5 Presta 32mm (french valve/Presta) 6,96€ 42774746
24x1 1/8-1 3/8 Thin Presta 32mm (french valve/Presta) 5,16€ 42774747
26x3.8-4.8 Fat bike Presta 40mm (french valve/Presta) 17,04€ 42774749
29x1.75-2.4 Presta 40mm (french valve/Presta) 6,96€ 42774750
650B/27.5x2.4-3.0 Presta 40mm (french valve/Presta) 6,96€ 42774751
26x1.25-2.0 Schrader 40mm (car valve/Schrader) 5,16€ 42774753
26x1.75-2.4 Schrader 40mm (car valve/Schrader) 5,07€ 42774754
29x1.75-2.4 Schrader 40mm (car valve/Schrader) 9,98€ 42774755
650B/27.5x1.75-2.4 Schrader 40mm (car valve/Schrader) 9,98€ 42774756
26x1.75-2.4 Presta 40mm (french valve/Presta) 5,07€ 42774831
700x32-50C Schrader 40mm (car valve/Schrader) 6,96€ 42774832
20x2.4-3.0 Schrader (car valve/Schrader) 5,16€ 42775155
12x1.5-2.3 Schrader 32mm abge angle t (Schrader valve/Schrader) 5,16€ 42775156
16x1.5-2.3 Schrader 32mm (car valve/Schrader) 6,96€ 42775157
18x1.5-2.3 Schrader 32mm (car valve/Schrader) 6,96€ 42775158
20x1.5-2.3 Schrader 32mm (car valve/Schrader) 6,96€ 42775159
24x1.5-2.3 Schrader 32mm (car valve/Schrader) 6,96€ 42775160
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The Specialized ™ standard bicycle tube

The Specialized ™ standard butyl tubing is made using a special molding process to keep the wall thickness uniform.

Product features for the Specialized ™ Standard Tube

  • special molding process for even wall thickness
  • different versions available


  • 1x Specialized ™ Standard Buytl Tube
Specialized standard tube 26x2.3-3.0 Presta Valve 32mm (french valve/Presta)
Specialized standard tube 20x2.4-3.0 Schrader Valve (car valve/Schrader)
Specialized standard tube 12x1.5-2.3 Schrader Valve 32mm abge angle t (Schrader valve/Schrader)

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