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Specialized S-Works Exos road bike- shoes

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size 37.0 white 504,10€ 32772458
size 38.0 white 504,10€ 32772459
size 39.0 white 504,10€ 32772461
size 39.5 white 504,10€ 32772462
size 40.0 white 504,10€ 32772463
size 40.5 white 504,10€ 32772464
size 43.0 white 504,10€ 32772469
size 44.0 white 504,10€ 32772471
size 44.5 white 504,10€ 32772472
size 45.0 white 504,10€ 32772473
size 46.0 white 504,10€ 32772475
size 47.0 white 504,10€ 32772477
size 41.0 black 504,10€ 32772444
size 42.0 black 504,10€ 32772446
size 43.0 black 504,10€ 32772448
size 43.5 black 504,10€ 32772449
size 44.0 black 504,10€ 32772450
size 44.5 black 504,10€ 32772451
size 46.0 black 504,10€ 32772454
size 47.0 black 504,10€ 32772455
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The lightweight Specialized S-Works Exos road bike shoes

At only 150 grams, the S-Works EXOS are the lightest cycling shoes ever to be equipped with a Boa® system. And not only are they incredibly lightweight, they also have all the façades that stand for the S-Works label.



  • The Body Geometry sole and footbed are ergonomically designed and scientifically tested to increase performance, efficiency and reduce the risk of injury by optimizing the alignment of the hip, knee and foot
  • Specialized Lightest FACT Powerline ™ carbon sole maximizes power transfer: stiffness index 13.0
  • A revolutionary Dyneema® mesh allows it to reach a tremendously low weight without sacrificing support for ultimate connection and comfort
  • BOA® IP1 setting dial for fast micro adjustment with BOA® Lifetime Warranty
  • Titanium alloy cleat threads can be turned to position pedal / cleats 5mm backwards
  • Non-slip, replaceable heel profile with internal countersunk screws for safety
  • Form Fit with a Warp Sleeve Vamp provides the ultimate connection to the shoe, comfort and speed
  • The three-hole cleat pattern fits all road bike pedals
  • Weight approx. 150 g (1/2 pair, size 42) -Manufacturer data-


  • 1 pair of Specialized S-Works Exos road bike shoes (see item description for details)
Specialized S-Works Exos road bike- shoes size 37.0 white
Specialized S-Works Exos road bike- shoes size 41.0 black

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