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Specialized Purist Fixy water bottle

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Item #
600ml gold/black california bear 14,02€ 82779077
750ml translucent black/black 14,02€ 82779081
600ml translucent/grey terrain camo 14,02€ 82781017
750ml translucent/grey terrain camo 14,02€ 82781020
750ml turquoise/tide 8,27€ 42775641
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The Specialized Purist Fixy Bottle

The Purist WaterGate is characterized by high water flow and its perfect tightness. The Purist WaterGate stands for fast, uncomplicated and absolutely pure refreshment. The internal membrane ensures that the valve can remain open without losing any liquid. This eliminates the annoying opening of the valve while driving. Drinking is not more efficient and enjoyable on the bike! The proven Purist technology ensures an absolutely pure and unadulterated taste experience. The secret for this is a glass-like layer that has been forced into the inner wall. As a result, discoloration or odors hardly have a chance and the bottle is very hygienic and tasteless. The silicon dioxide coating is unimaginably 5000 times thinner than a human hair and directly connected to the material. The durability and resistance is enormously high, only scouring cleaning agents should be avoided for cleaning. Tip: Warm water plus dish soap, shake, wash, done. Its flexibility optimally adapts to the bottle holder and keeps it reliable in case of shocks.



  • Flexible, glass-like Purist interior coating prevents the adhesion of mold and beverage residues, increases hygiene and ensures an unadulterated taste; Clean with warm water and detergent. Avoid scouring agents. Dishwasher suitable
  • Easy-to-use valve that stays open for fast drinking
  • Absolutely tight screw cap
  • Heart Valve ™ valve means ideal water flow. No leakage in the open state, fast, effortless drinking
  • Rubberized screw cap allows easy screwing and unscrewing
  • Made of flexible LDPE plastic
  • Transparent sight strips make the filling volume readable


  • 1x Specialized Purist Fixy Water Bottle
Specialized Purist Fixy water bottle 600ml gold/black california bear
Specialized Purist Fixy water bottle 750ml translucent black/black
Specialized Purist Fixy water bottle 600ml translucent/grey terrain camo
Specialized Purist Fixy water bottle 750ml translucent/grey terrain camo
Specialized Purist Fixy water bottle 750ml turquoise/tide

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