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Specialized Power Arc Pro Elaston saddle black

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Specialized Power Arc Pro Elaston Saddle

The new Power Arc extends the highly successful Power family with a more rounded model in the seating area, which allows more freedom of movement for strong thighs and thus eliminates pressure points on the inside. Even mountain bikers can benefit from the greater freedom of movement in the rear area. The Body Geometry design was developed for both women and men and stands for maximum efficient power transmission and optimal pressure relief in the front, even in an aggressive sitting position. The recess was lengthened and widened based on perfusion and pressure zone tests. In addition, the sitting bones are optimally supported, which ensures maximum comfort even on long trips.

The highlight of the Elaston model of the Power is also made of countless small beads upper material. The more than 1000 beads expand during the molding process in very light and excellent damping foam structures. This makes you even more comfortable on long sessions, as your seat can better adapt to your contours.


  • The laboratory-tested Body Geometry Fit ensures optimal blood circulation in particularly sensitive arteries in both women and men
  • Stiff saddle shell made of FACT ™ carbon for low weight and efficient use of force
  • Lightweight Elaston padding, consisting of well over 1000 expanded globules for superior comfort on long exits
  • Lightweight and extremely durable saddle frame made of hollow titanium
  • Upholstery Grade 2: Medium-density foam provides a direct connection to the bike with comfortable cushioning.
  • Two threads in the saddle shell allow the attachment of SWAT ™ accessories (eg sticks, bandit, reserve rack).


  • 1x Specialized Power Arc Pro Elaston Saddle (see item description for details)
Specialized Power Arc Pro Elaston saddle 155mm black

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