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Specialized derailleur hanger type :

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9891-4000 (without screw) 16,34€ 12770124
9894-4211 Left Cap 16,81€ E2770006
9894-4210 Right Cap/Hanger 16,81€ E2770005
S152600001 for Demo carbon MY2015-2017 16,81€ 12789939
9890-4227 (REV4 Long 28T) 16,34€ 12770410
9895-4021 16,81€ 12789999
S172600001 16,81€ 12789689
S182600001 16,81€ 12779969
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At Hibike is provided for replacement: Specialized break eyes

Please refer the required derailleur hanger to the PDFs provided below. Just enter the Specialized part number in our product search and you will get to the desired article. If this is not the case, please contact us in the contact form and ask for the required part, indicating the spare part number. We can usually get this for you.

PDF catalogs to overview

The Specialized + MTB + Hanger + MY15.pdf "target =" _ blank "> Specialized MTB Derailleur Overview to 2015 contains the following bikes:

MTB Bikes model year 1994 - 2015

The Specialized + Road + Hanger + MY15.pdf "target =" _ blank "> Specialized Road Bike Rear Derailleur Overview to 2015 includes the following bikes:

Road bike Bikes model year 1994 - 2015

Specialized derailleur hanger type : 9891-4000 (without screw )
Specialized derailleur hanger type : 9894-4211 Left Cap
Specialized derailleur hanger type : 9894-4210 Right Cap/Hanger
Specialized derailleur hanger type : S152600001 for Demo carbon MY2015-2017
Specialized derailleur hanger type : 9890-4227 (REV4 Long 28T)
Specialized derailleur hanger type : 9895-4021
Specialized derailleur hanger type : S172600001

Über die Marke Specialized

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