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Specialized Comp MTB- shoes

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Item #
size 36.0 black/dark grey 151,16€ 42775439
size 39.0 black/dark grey 151,16€ 82777017
size 40.0 black/dark grey 151,16€ 82777018
size 41.0 black/dark grey 151,16€ 82777019
size 42.0 black/dark grey 151,16€ 82777021
size 43.0 black/dark grey 151,16€ 82777023
size 43.5 black/dark grey 151,16€ 82777024
size 44.0 black/dark grey 151,16€ 82777025
size 44.5 black/dark grey 151,16€ 82777026
size 45.0 black/dark grey 151,16€ 82777027
size 46.0 black/dark grey 151,16€ 82777029
size 47.0 black/dark grey 151,16€ 82777030
size 38.0 black/dark grey 151,16€ 82778523
size 41.0 black/rocket red 151,16€ 82779841
size 42.0 black/rocket red 151,16€ 82779843
size 43.0 black/rocket red 151,16€ 82779845
size 44.0 black/rocket red 151,16€ 82779847
size 45.0 black/rocket red 151,16€ 82779849
size 46.0 black/rocket red 151,16€ 82779851
size 47.0 black/rocket red 151,16€ 82779852
size 48.0 black/rocket red 151,16€ 82779853
size 37.0 black/acid lava 151,16€ 42775408
Gr. 45.0 black/dark grey - VORFÜHRTEIL -leichte Gebrauchsspuren, cleats wurden montiertcleats 136,13€ V2777027
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The Specialized ™ Comp cycling shoes

The Comp MTB combines high comfort with impressive pedaling efficiency.

In detail

The Boa® S2-SV screw caps offer precise adjustability, secure hold and high comfort through optimal pressure distribution. The Specialized ™ Body Geometry Fit features are another bonus for comfort and performance. This versatile MTB shoe is rounded off by a sturdy upper and a protective toe cap.


  • Versatile MTB shoe
  • Weight per shoe: about 365 g (size 42, manufacturer)
  • Medium-stiff sole made of composite material with a grippy rubber profile provides efficiency while pedaling and sure-footedness in the terrain; Stiffness Index 6.0
  • Boa® S2-SV screw cap: finely and quickly adjustable, large pressure distribution, secure hold
  • In case of damage easy to change screw caps thanks to snap system for changing the complete rope-wheel unit
  • Fixed toe cap protects against painful contact with the terrain and makes the shoe extra durable
  • Lightweight, cuddly synthetic upper with breathable mesh inserts, two asymmetric Velcro straps for a perfect fit
  • Two threaded inserts, suitable for all common MTB click pedal pedal systems
  • Standard Fit combines direct power transmission and high comfort when pedaling and running
  • Replaceable toe studs
  • Body Geometry outsole and footbed are ergonomically designed and medically tested. They promote a clean vertical pedaling movement, which increases performance and well-being and prevents injuries


  • 1 pair of Specializd Comp MTB shoes (see item name for details)
Specialized Comp MTB- shoes size 36.0 black/dark grey
Specialized Comp MTB- shoes size 41.0 black/rocket red
Specialized Comp MTB- shoes size 37.0 black/acid lava
Specialized Comp MTB-Schuhe Gr. 45.0 black/dark grey - VORFÜHRTEIL -leichte Gebrauchsspuren, cleats wurden montiertcleats
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