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Specialized 2FO Flat 2.0 MTB- shoes

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Item #
size 36.0 black 141,08€ 42775430
size 39.0 black 141,08€ 82779829
size 40.0 black 141,08€ 82779830
size 42.0 black 141,08€ 82779832
size 43.0 black 141,08€ 82779833
size 44.0 black 141,08€ 82779834
size 45.0 black 141,08€ 82779835
size 46.0 black 141,08€ 82779836
size 47.0 black 141,08€ 82779837
size 48.0 black 141,08€ 82779838
size 41.0 crimson 141,08€ 92785876
size 42.0 crimson 141,08€ 92785877
size 43.0 crimson 141,08€ 92785878
size 44.0 crimson 141,08€ 92785879
size 45.0 crimson 141,08€ 92785880
size 46.0 crimson 141,08€ 92785881
size 47.0 crimson 141,08€ 92785883
size 48.0 crimson 141,08€ 92785884
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The Specialized ™ 2FO Flat-Pedal Mountain Bike Shoes

Get out and full throttle! Who goes on the trail to the limit, must not only rely on his bike, but also on his footwear. The 2FO 2.0 stands for high control and safe protection. With our new SlipNot ™ 2.0 sole you always have perfect grip on the pedal. In conjunction with a new sole profile, we have incorporated a foam insert over the instep, which additionally optimizes comfort and protection. The toe area is effectively protected from unpleasant contact with the terrain by a sturdy cap.



  • Weight: about 347g (piece, size 42)
  • Body Geometry outsole and footbed are ergonomically designed and medically tested. They promote a clean vertical pedaling movement, which increases performance and well-being and prevents injuries
  • The softer SlipNot ™ 2.0 rubber compound was developed in our tire lab and ensures ideal contact with the pedal
  • Optimized sole profile for secure connection with the pedal
  • Dual Density midsole combines pedal adaptability with high foot protection and superior control
  • Foam material in the area of ​​the instep protects the foot
  • Special mesh material under tongue and upper protects, absorbs very little water and dries quickly
  • Soft, thermally bonded upper provides a sturdy, lightweight and smooth surface
  • The comfortable cushioning EVA midsole is surface sealed for durability
  • The Lacelock ™ system securely locks the laces over the tongue
  • The "Relaxed Fit" fit provides a secure fit with high walking comfort and good slip resistance


  • 1 pair of Specialized ™ 2FO Flat 2.0 MTB shoes (see item name for details)
Specialized 2FO Flat 2.0 MTB- shoes size 36.0 black
Specialized 2FO Flat 2.0 MTB- shoes size 41.0 crimson

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