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Sigma Sport Aura 80 USB LED Front light black

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Sigma Sport Aura 80 USB LED Front light black 40,24€ 82790058
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Strong 80 lux for the highest demands

The AURA 80 USB is the new top model of the AURA series and convinces with a strong beam range of over 90 meters. As a result, the front light is a safe companion even far away from fixed roads.

Thanks to its integrated battery and light indicator indicator, the driver always has the remaining battery level and the set light modes in view. This makes the AURA 80 USB a first-class companion for ambitious drivers.

The all-rounder

With the four light modes, you decide yourself how much luminosity and how long you want to drive. At the highest level, the battery of the front light lasts 4 hours. If you're out in the twilight or on well-lit streets, you can be up to 15 hours in the Ecomodus with sufficient bike lights on the way.

Well informed

The AURA 80 USB comes with new features: the multi-level indicators for battery capacity and luminosity. The yellow LEDs inform you about the set brightness (mode) and the green LEDs show you exactly the remaining battery level of the bicycle light in 25% increments.

Multiple zone illumination

With a homogeneous light image, the AURA 80 USB offers optimal visibility in the long-distance, side, core and close range, without dazzling other road users. This ensures maximum safety on the road.

Light Guide

The side light guide is not just a visual highlight. With the two additional LEDs, it also ensures a much higher visibility in traffic.


The AURA 80 USB has a built-in rechargeable battery. This is recharged via the micro USB socket, which is also possible on any PC. With the enclosed Micro-USB cable, the front light is fully charged in a maximum of 4.5 hours. The lithium-ion battery has a deep discharge and overcharge protection. Furthermore, it has no memory effect and can easily be fully recharged.

Multi-level indicators

Four yellow LEDs show you the current light mode. The green LEDs provide detailed information about the current state of charge of the front light. If the remaining capacity drops below approx. 10%, the AURA 80 USB automatically switches to eco mode. The green LED goes off and the red indicator LED lights up. During the charging process, you also see how many percent of the bike light is charged again. You can also charge the AURA 80 USB during operation. B. on the way with a power bank.

Easy installation

The practical silicone handlebar mount is firmly connected to the AURA 80 USB and guarantees a quick and precise attachment to any bicycle handlebar. This allows the bicycle light to be mounted and removed without tools. In addition, the AURA 80 USB is also compatible with other SIGMA holder systems, such as the screw bracket and the universal helmet mount.

splash protection

The AURA 80 is protected against splash water according to the international IPX4 standard and therefore also suitable for bad weather conditions.

Power On

With a double-click, the bicycle light is switched on, with a long press of the button again. This function prevents unwanted switching on, eg. B. in the bag.


Thanks to the high-quality LED from Osram, the AURA 80 USB achieves a very uniform light distribution across all light zones

High quality design

A good look is important to many cyclists not only in terms of lens, but also when it comes to the appearance of the bicycle accessories. With the Light Guide, the battery and light mode indicator and the housing with stainless steel application, the bicycle light certainly attracts a few glances. Despite all the components and the considerable luminosity, the AURA 80 USB weighs only 119 grams including holder.


  • Charging indicator 5-stage battery indicator display
  • Adjustable bracket 360 °
  • Switch-on protection (double-click for ON)
  • Integrated charging function Micro USB recharging function
  • Lateral Visibility Light Guide for very good lateral visibility
  • Splashproof to IPX4
  • Tool-free installation
  • Charging during operation possible
  • Light source: Osram LED


specification description
Type headlight
Roadworthiness approval Yes
material Plastic with stainless steel applications
Lamp Osram LED
luminosity 80/60/40/20 lux
Lighting range 90m
Lighting time 4h / 5h / 6.5h / 15h
lightmodes 4 (Standard / Mid / Low / ECO)
charging time 4.5h
Bracket / attachment silicone holder
Power supply / connection charging socket Micro USB
waterproof IPX4
Dimension (L x W x H) 94.2 x 44.9 x 39.6mm (without bracket)
Weight 119g (including bracket)


  • 1 x Sigma Sport Aura 80 USB LED front light (see item description for details)
  • 1 x bracket
  • 1 x Micro-USB charging cable

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