Tacx has been a leading company of the bicycle industry for many years not least because the products of this dutch manufacturer stand out from the competition because of three attributes: first-class quality, dynamic charisma and progressive innovation. Cycling is our source of inspiration - and how close our relationships to the professionals are you can see from the multifaceted Tacx sponsor activities in the context of the UCI Pro Tour and the Professional Continental Tour. For professional cyclist the best is just good enoug and their benchmark is our norm - a maxim that made Tacx the unchallenged market leader in the area of Virtual Reality Trainers, Ergo Trainers and Cycle Trainers.

Roll Trainers from Tacx have been a concept for years and they are characterized by a common feature: They enable training on the highest level. Every Tacx trainer offers the facility for intensive, targeted achievement-oriented training work.

Tacx softgelTacx Soft Gel Role
The break systems of Fortius, i-Magic, Cosmos, Flow, Satori and Sirius are equipped with the special sound absorbing Tacx Soft Gel Role consisting of soft gum coated with a wear-free high quality steel bearing surface. Tacx gives a lifelong guarantee on this unique system.

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