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Shimano XT FC-M8000-1 1x11 crank without chain ring 11 speed

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165mm 50mm-CL 108,81€ 52808036
170mm 50.4mm-CL 104,97€ 52808047
175mm 50.4mm-CL 122,02€ 52808052
180mm 50mm-CL 106,79€ 52808057
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In keeping with the state of the art, SHIMANO's DEORE XT has been designed with the latest 11-speed features and top performance that characterize its big sister, the XTR. This raises the bar to a new level, both in the demanding race segment and in hard enduro use.

With the 11-speed shifting system called DYNA-SYS11, SHIMANO opens up mountain bikers in all types of terrain or topography, always driving maximum efficient gears and thereby significantly improving their performance. Equally designed and developed for cross-country riders and aggressive trail pilots, DYNA-SYS11 delivers sophisticated, high-performance performance in every job with sophisticated material handling and enhanced drive stability through new derailleur, derailleur and derailleur designs.

Translations: Advanced Rhythm Step Options
As with the XTR, the entire range of 1x11x, 2x11x and 3x11x translations is available for the new DEORE XT M8000. This makes it possible to find the optimum drive variant for every type of driver, every level of performance or every type of terrain.

Thanks to the RHYTHM STEP gradation, the DEORE XT M8000 ensures uninterrupted propulsion. For this purpose, the gear ratios were chosen so that the jumps are small and the cadence remains as constant as possible. Regardless of the choice of a single, dual, or triple system, this will help to efficiently convert the driver's energy spent into propulsion and maintain flow on the trail.

With the new 2- and 3x11-speed drives of the M8000 this means an enormously wide gear ratio is available, which thanks to the combination with the 11-40Z cassette, as with the XTR, however, is designed for tight gradations between the gears and thus always controlled cadence allows.

"Rider Tuned" and therefore suitable for any terrain
The Shimano DEORE XT M8000 cranks are also available for every purpose and every terrain with the so-called 11-speed Rider Tuned Translations. Whichever of the many options is selected, all will ensure strategically selected and placed high-end materials such as carbon or metallic composite construction for long-lasting shifting precision, optimal chain guidance and durability.
The tooth profiles of the optionally available 1x11-speed chainrings on the new DEORE XT cranksets, like the XTR, have a significantly wider shape of the steel teeth as well as a special hook design. While the former, especially when pedaling ensures a safe guidance of the chain, the latter guarantees an efficient protection against the jumping off of the chain even in rough terrain. Overall, the new tooth design keeps the chain 150% stronger on the chainring, which significantly improves both safety and durability.


  • Model: FC-M8000-1
  • Case width: 68/73 mm
  • Rear switching stages: 11-speed
  • Recording: HOLLOWTECH II
  • Compatible chain: HG-X 11-speed
  • Four-arm crank star: Yes
  • Bolt circle: 96mm
  • Large chainring: aluminum / glass fiber reinforced plastic
  • Small chainring: aluminum
  • Chain line: 50.0 mm
  • Application: MTB
  • Bottom bracket & chainring not included
Shimano XT FC-M8000-1 1x11 crank 165mm without chain ring 11 speed 50mm-CL

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