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Shimano SH-RC7 road bike- shoes

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bike- size 42.0 red 125,97€ 96115635
bike- size 45.0 red 125,97€ 96115638
bike- size 46.0 red 125,97€ 96115639
bike- size 47.0 red 125,97€ 96115640
bike- size 41.0 black 125,97€ 96115613
bike- size 43.0 black 125,97€ 96115615
bike- size 44.0 black 125,97€ 96115616
bike- size 45.0 black 125,97€ 96115617
bike- size 47.0 black 125,97€ 96115619
bike- size 48.0 black 125,97€ 96115620
bike- size 42.0 white 125,97€ 96115656
bike- size 43.0 white 125,97€ 96115657
bike- size 44.0 white 125,97€ 96115658
bike- size 45.0 white 125,97€ 96115659
bike- size 46.0 white 125,97€ 96115660
bike- size 47.0 white 125,97€ 96115661
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The SH-RC7 road shoe by Shimano with a stiff carbon sole for men


  • Ultra-stiff, lightweight carbon fiber composite sole
  • SHIMANO Dynalast reduces energy loss
  • Supple, high-density synthetic leather with ventilation perforations for an optimal fit
  • Two individually adjustable Boa® L6 coils enable quick precision adjustment of the tension
  • Adjustable power zone
  • Wire lacing offers reliable hold in the forefoot area


specification description
Application area Racing bike
system SPD-SL
Weight 490 g for size 42 (pair)
sole Ultra-stiff, lightweight carbon fiber composite sole
Lock system Two individually adjustable Boa® L6 coils
Pedal recommendation PD-R8000

Technologies used

In this chapter we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses for this product.

SPD-SL is the further development of the system specially designed for road travel. This pedal platform is specifically designed to meet the needs of world-class road racers. The seamless interface between the pedal and the cleat ensures a more effective power transmission under the pedal loads that occur in competition conditions.

Shimano Dynalast
The toe elevation of a cycling shoe plays an essential role in supporting pedaling efficiency. If it is too high, it can create increased tension in the plantar, calf, and hamstring muscles. If it is too low, the result is a bent, inefficient pedaling movement. Extensive research by the R&D experts at SHIMANO has resulted in a superior shoe last design with an optimized toe camber that promotes smoother, more energy efficient upward movement. SHIMANO DYNALAST was developed on the basis of feedback from professional riders and helps reduce energy loss on long journeys. This leaves more power for the final sprint across the finish line. Between crank angles of 200 ° and 360 °, there is a loss of power or energy in the backward phase of a pedal movement. Shoes that use SHIMANO DYNALAST help to reduce this loss of energy by supporting a smoother, more efficient pedaling movement. If you want to reduce fatigue, get the most out of your legs or just do a little more, you should ride with SHIMANO DYNALAST.

BOA locks offer fine adjustment to the millimeter for a perfect fit. Lightning-fast, one-handed adjustment, secure lock and quick release. The closures repel mud and water and are extremely light.

Synthetic leather
Lighter, stronger and more durable than real leather

Carbon sole / midsole
Sole / midsole made of carbon fiber composite material

scope of delivery

  • 1 pair of Shimano SH-RC7 SPD-SL road bike shoes (see item description for details)
Shimano SH-RC7 road bike- shoes size 42.0 red
Shimano SH-RC7 road bike- shoes size 41.0 black
Shimano SH-RC7 road bike- shoes size 42.0 white

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