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Shimano OT-SP41 inner shift cable- casing 4.0mm black (per meter )

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black 72802490 1.97€
MPN Y-60098580
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Shimano shift outer shell coated

Shimano has presented the SP41, the latest variant of Schaltzugaussenhüllen. The robust outer shell is combined with a continuous inner coating with a high-performance silicone lubricant and the result is an extremely high switching precision with the lowest possible operating forces. Shimano offers the SP41 shift cable outer shell in various colors for the individual design of your bike.

Tip for the Shimano SP41 Schaltzugaussenhüllen

  • The SP41 outer shell has a diameter of 4mm
  • best combined with the Shimano SIS-SP40 end caps

Features of the OT-SP41 shift shell:

  • Application: Road bike / MTB
  • Diameter 4mm
  • without external grommets

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