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Schwalbe Magic Mary Evolution 27.5" folding tire SnakeSkin ADDIX Soft black

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Item #
60-584 (27.5x2.35) 35,19€ 42948191
65-584 (27.5x2.60) 40,24€ 42948321
70-584 (27.5x2.80) 40,24€ 42948323
  • 1150g (Herstellerangabe)
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The ultimate gravity tire

Undisputedly the first choice of all Schwalbe downhill and enduro athletes. Perfect all-round properties for almost all routes and conditions. The sophisticated intermediate profile is combined with the best compounds and constructions and thus shifts the border area into unimagined dimensions. Strong shoulder studs and an aggressive, open tread design ensure maximum braking traction and cornering grip even on very muddy surfaces.

Downhill version: Particularly robust, double-ply carcass construction with downhill apex. Clincher. ADDIX Ultra Soft.

Super Gravity Version: Extremely stable and puncture-proof (with Apex), but still very dynamic in handling. ADDIX Soft or ADDIX Ultra Soft.

Tubeless Easy Version: ADDIX Soft. In 27.5+ and 29+ also with apex. Bikepark Version: A lot of tires for little money. Incredibly robust. Lasts super long.

Technical specification

H-SKU application ERTRO size compound execution Weight empf.Druck
11600539.02 Downhill / Enduro 60-584 27.5 x 2.35 inches ADDIX Soft Folding 835g 1.60 - 3.50 bar (23 - 50 psi)
11601010 Downhill / Enduro 65-584 27.5 x 2.60 inches ADDIX Soft Folding 1065g 1.20 - 2.60 bar (17 - 38 psi)
11601012 Downhill / Enduro 70-584 27.5 x 2.80 inches ADDIX Soft Folding 1150g 1.20 - 2.60 bar (17 - 38 psi)

Technologies used

In this chapter we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses for this product.

Evolution line

The best thing that can be done. Highest quality materials. Latest technology.

ADDIX Soft Compound

A compound that bridges many areas. It belongs in the enduro and downhill world and just as demanding all mountain and trail riding.

Tubeless technology

Tubeless is the right choice for all ambitious drivers. Tubeless achieves top marks in terms of: + SPEED + GRIP + TROUBLESHOOTING + COMFORT


Tires with the recommendation "E-25" are the perfect choice for all pedelecs with pedal support up to 25 km / h. The most important criterion for this recommendation: security.

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Schwalbe Magic Mary Evolution 27.5 "folding tire (see item description for details)
Schwalbe Magic Mary Evolution 27.5" folding tire SnakeSkin ADDIX Soft 60-584 (27.5x2.35) black

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