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RockShox DebonAir upgrade kit for Lyrik (B1)/Yari (A1) from 2016

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180mm 32,17€ 92634049
170mm 33,18€ 92634050
160mm 32,17€ 92634051
150mm 29,14€ 92634052
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Rock Shox DebonAir Upgrade Kit for Lyric and Yari from Mod. 2016

Upgrade now and rebuild your fork! With the Debon Air Kit by Rock Shox you can change your lyrics and Yari from Mod. 2016 onwards. The kit contains the complete left inner life. With the Debon Air Kit, your fork responds much better and has a superbly precise damping behavior.

It's okay to be soft: DebonAir Upgrade

With the new, friction reducing DebonAir air spring, the current forks respond so sensitively, as never before in the history of RockShox on average 70% friction reduction. This provides maximum traction under a wide range of conditions.

It's okay to be soft. The DebonAir is not ashamed to give in at the slightest shock. In fact, your fork will soften in the initial range of travel which is attributable to reducing friction. You may consider this as a weakness until you get on the track with the DebonAir unit. There will be a seamless connection between your bike and the terrain as your DebonAir fork swallows every single stroke without sagging in the travel without damaging your body. So you have more control and can even more full throttle.

Compatibility: Yari (A1) and Lyric (B1) suspension fork from model 2016

00.4019.932.003 Compatible with Lyric (B1) and Yari (A1) 150mm from Mod. 2016

00.4019.932.002 Compatible with lyric (B1) and Yari (A1) 160mm from Mod. 2016

00.4019.932.001 Compatible with lyric (B1) and Yari (A1) 170mm from Mod. 2016

00.4019.932.000 Compatible with lyric (B1) and Yari (A1) 180mm from Mod. 2016


  • Completely redesigned air unit
  • Larger negative air volume
  • Better response
  • Improved traction
  • No wegsackende suspension fork in curves
  • Running friction 51% reduction
  • Static friction 73% reduction
  • Stiction 86% reduction


  • 1 x upgrade kit RockShox DebonAir


RockShox DebonAir upgrade kit for Lyrik (B1)/Yari (A1) 180mm from 2016

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