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Rock Shox shock air kammer

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Item #
Bar 190x51/200x51 40,24€ 12638552
Bar 165x38 40,24€ 12638553
Ario/MCR 165x38 52,74€ 12638616
Ario/MCR 190x51/200x51 36,20€ 12638617
Pearl 190x51/200x51 65,45€ 12638625
Pearl 216x63 65,45€ 12638626
Pearl 222x66 65,45€ 12638631
Ario/MC3/MC3R 165x38 52,34€ 12638640
Ario/MC3/MC3R 190x51/200x51 47,29€ 12638641
SID Race 6,0 x 1,25 60,40€ 22638814
Ario Air Can, 152mmx31mm 2010-2012 Ario 50,32€ 32632958
Ario Air Can, 165mmx38mm 2010-2012 Ario 50,32€ 32632959
Ario Air Can, 184mmx44mm 2010-2012 Ario 49,31€ 32632960
Ario Air Can, 190mmx51mm/200mmx51mm 2010-2012 Ario 50,32€ 32632961
Ario Air Can, 200mmx57mm 2010-2012 Ario 49,31€ 32632962
Ario Air Can, 216mmx63mm 2010-2012 Ario 49,31€ 32632963
Ario Air Can, 222mmx66mm 2010-2012 Ario 49,31€ 32632964
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Air chamber for older Rock Shox dampers

Here you will find air chambers and small parts for older Rock Shox shocks.


Rock Shox damper air chamber

worth mentioning

Please direct yourself in compatibility issues only after the manufacturer number, not after the possibly incomplete or too general article designations!

Unfortunately we can not keep up with more than 4000 Rock Shox spare parts if a single spare part is suddenly compatible with another fork or that a spare part "for Reba" only fits the first series and not one of the two later ones.

Contact us at for your questions about Rock Shox parts - we also have a large collection of current and older parts catalogs, oil level documents and service manuals. To identify your fork or damper, it's best to send meaningful photos. Due to the time required, we can only offer this service by email and not by phone.


  • 1 x Rock Shox damper air chamber (see item description for details)

Über die Marke Rock Shox

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