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Rock Shox Reverb Stealth A2 seat post 30.9x355mm, Travel: 100mm, black, Remote lever : MatchmakerX (MMX clamp) left

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30.9x355mm, 100mm, left 383,09€ 32631270
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Height adjustment of the seatpost with remote control from the handlebar - the Rock Shox Reverb Stealth.

The Reverb Stealth Seat Post by Rock Shox can be infinitely adjusted (depending on the model) by 100mm or 125mm or even 150mm in height. And remotely from the handlebar! You do not have to stop, you do not have to dismount, all you have to do is press the remote lever on the handlebar to adjust the seatpost.

The remote control is hydraulic (and not with cable operation, as with cheaper models). This hydraulic system is triple-sealed, so even bad weather can not harm it and the lasting performance is guaranteed. Your saddle always stays soft and comfortable. The reset speed of the remote control lever can be adjusted.

The remote control hydraulic line enters the seat post from below and is placed "invisibly" inside the frame - hence the name Stealth. (There is also a "normal", non-stealth version of this seat post where the tube enters the seat post at the top of the head and is routed outside the bike frame.)

The special feature is the so-called Connectamajig technology. This makes the laying of the hose inside the frame when mounting the seat post child's play, because the hose can be disconnected from the support several times via a coupling and reconnected before venting is necessary.

Matchmaker is a system of SRAM to save weight and space on the handlebars. Normally, each lever is fastened with its own clamp. This is where the matchmaker comes in, picking up Avid brake levers, SRAM trigger switches, and various RockShox knobs. So you have only one ordinary clamp on each handlebar side.

The Matchmaker system is available in two versions, as a traditional matchmaker and as a MatchmakerX equipped with the reverb seat post. The MatchmakerX has room for RockShox XLoc and is compatible with XX and X0 brakes.


  • Stealth version, lead from the inside to the saddle support
  • Application: CC, All Mountain, Enduro, Freeride
  • Technologies: Connectamajig
  • Adjustment range: 100mm or 125mm or 150mm (depending on the model)
  • Adjustment: height adjustable by X-Loc remote control
  • Shaft Material: 3D forged 7050 aluminum
  • Seatpost head: forged 7050 aluminum
  • Offset: 0mm (no offset to the back)
  • Incl. BleedKit and Spacer
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 520g (100mm)

Tested in the bike 02/16
Test result: VERY GOOD

Tested in the mountain bike 03/16
Test result: VERY GOOD

Tested in Freeride 02/16
Test result: 9.5 points

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