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Rock Shox Bluto RCT3 Solo Air 26'' suspension fork 80mm 1.5 Tapered 15x100mm Maxle Lite black 2017

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80mm 483,93€ 22638032
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Rock Shox Bluto RCT3 26 "Fatbike Fork 1.5 Tapered 15x100mm Maxle Lite

Top Fatbike fork with very good price-performance ratio. With more traction and control than ever before, you'll truly enjoy this suspension fork.

light, stable and top ride quality

The Bluto has all the popular features of RockShox suspension forks: aluminum standpipes in Fast Black, sturdy 15mm axle Maxle, fork crown adjustable damping, tapered shaft tube and steplessly adjustable Solo Air spring. With more traction and control than ever before, you'll truly enjoy this suspension fork.


specification description
travel 80/100/120 mm
Impeller diameter 26 "
mass 1,796 g (according to manufacturer's information)
damping RL
Available springs Solo Air
settings rebound,
Steerer options tapering
fork crown Aluminum AL66 TV, forged
standpipes 32 mm aluminum, Fast Black
dip tubes magnesium
Maximum disc diameter 200 mm
remote Control RemotesOneLoc (optional)
Others Axle: Maxle Lite, 15 x 150 mm, offset: 51 mm, brake type: disc

Applied technologies

In this chapter, we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses for this product.

Air spring manuals
Rock Shox prints air spring manuals for all its air suspension forks. While they are not a technological feat, you can use them to set up your suspension in seconds instead of minutes. Plus, spending more time on your bike equals more opportunities to become the mountain king on your favorite track. Maybe that's a technological feat.

Bottomless tokens
Bottomless tokens allow drivers to easily adjust the air spring performance of their RockShox fork to best suit their own riding style and chassis preferences. Adding the easy-to-install bottomless tokens alters the air-spring curve to resist the bottom-out after a big hit, giving aggressive drivers the power to attack the route harder. The removal of bottomless tokens makes the air spring curve more linear and improves the feel of certain types of off-road or trail conditions, ensuring that riders who are less aggressively front-end benefit from 100 percent of their travel.

Maxle Lite
Who is obsessed with the weight of his wheel axles? That's ridiculous, right? It's just a metal bar that attaches the tires to your bike. On the other hand, Maxle Lite is a clever thru-axle system that makes your bike lighter and stiffer. And with a lower weight you can also make your bike easier to obey your orders. Especially if you do not need tools to remove, neither front nor back. And the added rigidity gives you the precision needed to master any hellish path. So maybe this obsession is not so ridiculous. Available with 15x100mm, 15x110mm, 15x150mm and 20x110mm.

Maxle Stealth
Who knew we could make a thru-axle disappear? The new Maxle Stealth offers a lightweight, flat alternative to Maxle Lite and Maxle Ultimate.

Motion Control
Imagine driving on the moon. Gentle hills, crushed rocks blown out of craters ... craters. Since there is no gravity, you would not even need a chairlift. Unfortunately you can not ride on the moon. But even on earth there is a lot of inhospitable terrain. And we have gravity here on earth, which means you need a suspension that can handle climbs and descents alike. That's exactly what Rock Shox Motion Control damping technology can do. You can not ride on the moon, but with Motion Control, gravity can become your subject.

Rapid Recovery ™
Who does not want a bigger travel for successive strokes? Thanks to the rapid recovery system, the shock absorber returns to its original position more quickly after successive strokes, allowing the wheel to more precisely grip the ground. This more active damping system does not fail and provides a ride with higher and softer spring rate. With Rapid Recovery, the rider benefits from a longer travel for a smoother and more controlled ride every time.

Sag Gradients ™
If you do not adjust your damping properly, you may as well be on a foreign bike. But why waste plastic clips or rulers to adjust the suspension over and over again? The damping marks are printed directly on the fork tubes and damper housing for easy and accurate adjustment of the perfect suspension. So you can give your mother back plastic clip and ruler.

Solo Air ™
Solo Air is like a Buddhist monk. Due to the enlightened design, the positive and negative air chambers of your suspension forks can be filled with air via just one car valve. So there is a perfect balance between them, like yin and yang. For a comfortable and predictable ride, you can set the lightest suspension fork on the market in seconds.


  • 1 x Rock Shox Bluto RCT3 Solo Air 26 '' Fork 1.5 Tapered 15x100mm Maxle Lite (see item description for details)

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