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Ritchey Comp Beacon road bike- handle bar

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31.8x420/567mm bb black 32670275 41.97€
MPN 30335317082
31.8x440/587mm bb black 32670276 41.97€
MPN 30335317083
31.8x460/607mm bb black 32670277 35.21€
MPN 30335317084
V2 XL 31.8x520/647mm bb black 32670278 44.50€
MPN 30335317093
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Evolution of the Ritchey handlebar

The ergonomic evolution of the Ritchey handlebars continues with the groundbreaking Comp Beacon. The most notable feature is its super-wide 36 ° drop flare. Aside from the unmatched ergonomic comfort and stability that this wide flare offers, it also allows plenty of space for handlebar bags.

When driving in the drops, the Beacon offers twice as much comfort as usual with a very flat drop of 80 mm and a shorter reach. The Evo-style top offers wide support for the hands and is slightly curved back to allow a more natural hand position when riding on the tops.

The Comp Beacon's unconventional aesthetic belies its comfort and practicality. Inspired by the world of randonneurs, the Beacon allows the hands to easily transition around the handlebars without affecting the handling of the bike when it is loaded with equipment. The gentle change of hand position allows the body to stretch and move while the bike remains stable.

Ideal for adventure tours and bikepacking, on asphalt or gravel roads - or even for driving in the city - the unique Comp Beacon brings a whole new level of comfort and control.


specification 30335317081 30335317082 30335317083 30335317084 30335317093
Area of application Road, gravel, cyclocross Road, gravel, cyclocross Road, gravel, cyclocross Road, gravel, cyclocross Road, gravel, cyclocross
material 6061 aluminum 6061 aluminum 6061 aluminum 6061 aluminum 6061 aluminum
Handlebar clamp 31.8mm 31.8mm 31.8mm 31.8mm 31.8mm
Handlebar width 400 / 547mm 420 / 567mm 440 / 587mm 460 / 607mm 520 / 647mm
Reach 65mm 65mm 65mm 65mm 65mm
Drop 80mm 80mm 80mm 80mm 80mm
Flare 36 ° 36 ° 36 ° 36 ° 36 °
Backsweep 4.5 ° 4.5 ° 4.5 ° 4.5 ° 4.5 °
Compatible with handlebar attachment Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
weight approx. 300g (at 420mm) approx 300g approx. 300g (at 420mm) approx. 300g (at 420mm) approx. 300g (at 420mm)

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Ritchey Comp Beacon road bike handlebar (see item description for details)
Ritchey Comp Beacon road bike- handle bar 31.8x420/567mm bb black

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