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Reverse rotor

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Item #
203mm black 48,30€ 67340126
203mm red 60,40€ 67340127
203mm gold 60,40€ 67340129
203mm dark blue 60,40€ 67340128
200mm black 48,30€ 67340122
200mm red 60,40€ 67340123
200mm gold 60,40€ 67340125
200mm dark blue 60,40€ 67340124
180mm black 32,17€ 67340118
180mm red 30,15€ 67340119
180mm gold 40,24€ 67340121
180mm dark blue 40,24€ 67340120
160mm black 27,13€ 67340114
160mm red 28,13€ 67340115
160mm gold 35,19€ 67340117
160mm dark blue 35,19€ 67340116
203mm light green 60,40€ 57340237
200mm light green 60,40€ 57340236
180mm light green 40,24€ 57340235
160mm light green 35,19€ 57340234
203mm light blue 60,40€ 37340616
200mm light blue 60,40€ 37340615
180mm light blue 40,24€ 37340614
160mm light blue 30,15€ 37340613
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Reverse brake disc

Pimp your brake! With the new colored brake discs from Reverse Components, you can give your brake system on the bike even more style. In addition, the aluminum core provides better heat dissipation, so the brake disc does not get hot so fast. For example, the brake discs can also be combined perfectly with the colored reverse brake caliper adapters.

Highlights of the brake disc

  • Material: aluminum / steel
  • Wall thickness: 1.8mm
  • Weight: 160mm 105g (manufacturer)
  • Weight: 180mm 135g (manufacturer)
  • Weight: 200mm 179g (manufacturer)
  • Weight: 203mm 185g (manufacturer)


  • 1x reverse brake disc
Reverse rotor 203mm black
Reverse rotor 203mm red
Reverse rotor 203mm gold
Reverse rotor 203mm dark blue
Reverse rotor 200mm black
Reverse rotor 200mm red
Reverse rotor 200mm gold
Reverse rotor 200mm dark blue
Reverse rotor 180mm black
Reverse rotor 180mm red
Reverse rotor 180mm gold
Reverse rotor 180mm dark blue
Reverse rotor 160mm black
Reverse rotor 160mm red
Reverse rotor 160mm gold
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