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Reverse LockOn grips (29mm diameter)

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Item #
diameter) black/white 14,72€ 37340018
diameter) black/black 19,06€ 37340012
diameter) black/red 20,16€ 37340017
diameter) black/polish 20,16€ 37340010
diameter) black/purple 20,16€ 37340016
diameter) black/green 20,16€ 37340015
diameter) black/gold 20,16€ 37340014
diameter) black/yellow 20,16€ 37340019
diameter) black/blue 20,16€ 37340013
diameter) applegreen/black 14,72€ 37340001
diameter) applegreen/red 14,32€ 37340007
diameter) applegreen/blue 20,16€ 37340002
diameter) dark blue/white 14,32€ 37340065
diameter) dark blue/black 14,72€ 37340067
diameter) dark blue/red 20,07€ 37340064
diameter) dark blue/applegreen 20,16€ 37340058
diameter) dark blue/gold 20,16€ 37340060
diameter) dark blue/green 20,16€ 37340061
diameter) dark blue/polish 14,72€ 37340062
diameter) dark blue/purple 14,72€ 37340063
diameter) dark blue/blue 14,32€ 37340059
diameter) dark blue/yellow 20,16€ 37340066
diameter) black/orange 20,16€ 37340497
diameter) dark blue/orange 14,72€ 37340494
Please choose a variant.
Handle is not the same grip!
Because you do not buy your shoes in any size!
To find the perfect handle, we recommend that you pay attention to this: Depending on the size of the hand, it is also advisable to choose the handle diameter. That's why Reverse Components offers four different models with different diameters.
The Lock On Grip in 29mm is the standard size in the house Reverse Components. You could also say that it is the uni-size of the handles, because with 29mm many bikers get along very well. Due to the lock on technique with which the grip rubber is screwed securely to the handlebar with the help of two aluminum clamping rings, twisting is no longer possible even in wet weather conditions. Another advantage is the easy assembly / disassembly on the handlebars. Grab it and screw it on!

Orientation guide for grip selection:

Hand size SM handle diameter 28mm / 29mm (model XC or Lock On)
Hand size L-XL Handle diameter 29mm / 30mm / 31mm (model Lock On, Stamp or Booster)

Eyes open at the "Griffekauf"
All reverse grip rubber compounds are chemically harmless when in contact with the skin and comply with the international "EU-Reach" standard.


  • Length 130mm
  • Ø 29mm
  • Weight 105g
Reverse LockOn grips (29mm diameter) black/white
Reverse LockOn grips (29mm diameter) black/black
Reverse LockOn grips (29mm diameter) black/red
Reverse LockOn grips (29mm diameter) black/polish
Reverse LockOn grips (29mm diameter) black/purple
Reverse LockOn grips (29mm diameter) black/green
Reverse LockOn grips (29mm diameter) black/gold
Reverse LockOn grips (29mm diameter) black/yellow
Reverse LockOn grips (29mm diameter) black/blue
Reverse LockOn grips (29mm diameter) applegreen/black
Reverse LockOn grips (29mm diameter) applegreen/red
Reverse LockOn grips (29mm diameter) applegreen/blue
Reverse LockOn grips (29mm diameter) dark blue/white
Reverse LockOn grips (29mm diameter) dark blue/black
Reverse LockOn grips (29mm diameter) dark blue/red
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