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Pearl Izumi Quest AmFIB jacket long men

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Item #
size S black 100,74€ 97103957
size M black 100,74€ 97103958
size L black 98,72€ 97103959
size XL black 100,74€ 97103960
size XXL black 98,72€ 97103961
size S navy/teal 100,74€ 97103962
size M navy/teal 98,72€ 97103963
size L navy/teal 98,72€ 97103964
size XL navy/teal 100,74€ 97103965
size XXL navy/teal 100,74€ 97103966
size S torch red/smoked pearl 113,85€ 97103967
size M torch red/smoked pearl 113,85€ 97103968
size L torch red/smoked pearl 113,85€ 97103969
size XL torch red/smoked pearl 113,85€ 97103970
size XXL torch red/smoked pearl 113,85€ 97103971
size S screaming yellow/navy 98,72€ 97103972
size M screaming yellow/navy 98,72€ 97103973
size L screaming yellow/navy 98,72€ 97103974
size XL screaming yellow/navy 100,74€ 97103975
size XXL screaming yellow/navy 100,74€ 97103976
  • Material: 100% Polyester
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The quest AmFIB Jacket by Pearl Izumi

This chubby warm outer layer sets new standards and ensures that the winter break becomes superfluous. Thanks to the relaxed fit, it is ideal for a layer system with several layers of insulation and forgives it, even if a little winter bacon is noticeable. Made from three-layer AmFIB® softshell fabric, it's warm, windproof and waterproof, providing great comfort in changeable weather. A spacious zippered back pocket also provides space for keys, credit cards and even an extra pair of change gloves.


  • Three-layer SELECT AmFIB® softshell fabric is windproof, waterproof and breathable
  • Full-length interior wind flap with zipper garage closes the body heat
  • A zipped pocket on the back

Applied technologies

In this chapter, we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses for this product.

Fluorescent colors, such as Pearl Izumi's famous Screaming Yellow, convert invisible UV rays into additional visible light. While normal colors refl ect no more than 90% of the light, fl uorescent colors come to as much as 200 to 300%. The distance from which the illumination of fluorescent colors is perceived is five times greater than that of normal colors. This means that motorists can see you much sooner.


  • 1 x Pearl Izumi Quest AmFIB jacket long men (see item description for details)
Pearl Izumi Quest AmFIB jacket long men size S black
Pearl Izumi Quest AmFIB jacket long men size S navy/teal
Pearl Izumi Quest AmFIB jacket long men size S torch red/smoked pearl
Pearl Izumi Quest AmFIB jacket long men size S screaming yellow/navy
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Über die Marke Pearl Izumi

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