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MET Corso bike helmet

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Item #
MET bike size S (52-56cm) ice white/matt 46,45€ 93641810
MET bike size M (56-58cm) ice white/matt 46,45€ 93641811
MET bike size S (52-56cm) black/matt 51,31€ 93641801
MET bike size M (56-58cm) black/matt 51,31€ 93641802
MET bike size L (58-62cm) black/matt 51,31€ 93641803
MET bike size S (52-56cm) mint green/matt 60,93€ 93641816
MET bike size M (56-58cm) mint green/matt 60,93€ 93641817
MET bike size M (56-58cm) safety yellow/matt 51,31€ 93641808
MET bike size L (58-62cm) safety yellow/matt 51,31€ 93641809
MET bike size M (56-58cm) petrol blue/matt 49,55€ 93641814
MET bike size L (58-62cm) petrol blue/matt 49,55€ 93641815
MET bike size M (56-58cm) garnet red/matt 37,23€ 93641991
MET bike size L (58-62cm) garnet red/matt 51,31€ 93641992
MET bike size S (52-56cm) dark gray/matt 49,24€ 93650101
MET bike size M (56-58cm) dark gray/matt 49,24€ 93650102
MET bike size L (58-62cm) dark gray/matt 49,24€ 93650103
MET bike size S (52-56cm) rose quartz/matt 48,52€ 93650104
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Met Corso city and e-bike helmet

The e-bike city solution, the stylish Corso is a city rider’s go-to helmet. With all of the protection afforded active riders in a design representative of urban dwellers, Corso is a statement maker perfect for the growing e-bike crowd.

the fashionable city solution

The shock absorbing inner shell provides a high level of protection, while the hypoallergenic inner-padding offers a comfortable buffer between head and helmet. A removable rigid visor with invisible clip attachment, or soft visor bill rounds out the corso’s unique look. E-bikers and city riders in general must be highly visible. The Corso comes with reflective side and rear strap anchors and an integrated rear LED light so drivers’ know where you are. With excellent ventilation and three available sizes, Met’s Corso will absolutely turn heads for all of the best reasons.


  • Outer shell construction: In-Mould
  • Inner shell: Shock absorbing polystyrene
  • Chin strap buckle: Anti-pinch buckle
  • Straps and Divider: Anti-slip cam divider
  • Fit system: Safe-T E-Mid
  • Visor: Removable visor
  • Comfort: Anti-Allergenic Interior Padding. Padded chin strap. Hand Washable
  • Be seen: Reflective side and rear strap anchors. Integrated rear LED light
  • Compatibility: Wind and water resistant helmet cover

In the box

  • Met Corso Aktive helmet (for size and color please check product name)
MET Corso bike helmet size S (52-56cm) ice white/matt
MET Corso bike helmet size S (52-56cm) black/matt
MET Corso bike helmet size S (52-56cm) mint green/matt
MET Corso bike helmet size M (56-58cm) safety yellow/matt
MET Corso bike helmet size M (56-58cm) petrol blue/matt
MET Corso bike helmet size M (56-58cm) garnet red/matt
MET Corso bike helmet size S (52-56cm) dark gray/matt
MET Corso bike helmet size S (52-56cm) rose quartz/matt

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