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Mavic Mistral vest men size M safety yellow

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The windproof Mistral cycling vest

With its GORE-TEX® Windstopper Infinium material, this vest offers strong wind protection with high breathability.

The wind is always noticeable for cyclists. Whether in a race or training, alone or in a group - the wind always plays a role.

Mavic`s Mistral collection is designed to protect you from the cold wind. These jerseys, jackets and vests take their name from the dreaded Mistral, which blows in France especially in winter and spring. The Mistral blows from the north, gains strength and is then the strongest in southern France, near the Mediterranean coast. "It creates tough driving conditions," is to say the least. The Mistral jerseys, jackets and vests rely on GORE-TEX® Windstopper Infinium technology - a lightweight 3-layer laminate that keeps wind and cold temperatures out and is extremely breathable. So you can train hard and increase the pace in the race on slopes or "hide" in the protection of the driver's field and stay comfortably warm even when icy wind blows against you. You have no control over the wind. But their Mistral collection can help you enjoy pleasant driving comfort on the go - even when the strongest, coldest wind of the entire season is blowing.


  • Versatile protection against wind and cold temperatures: GORE-TEX® Windstopper Infinium technology - a light, extremely breathable 3-layer laminate that is permanently waterproof and offers balanced protection against wind and cold
  • Excellent breathability for high-speed rides: Elastic knit material on the back for quick heat regulation so that it never overheats even at high speeds
  • Ideal fit for all body types: Their "Athletic Fit" fit with their longer, straight cut fits all body types. Silicone hip gripper in the back area ensures a comfortable, secure fit of the jersey

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  • 1 x Mavic Mistral Vest Men (see item description for details)

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