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Lightweight Fernweg Tubular wheel wheel

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Item #
set 16/20h (Shimano- free-wheel) 4.931,09€ 46810024
set 16/20h (Campagnolo- free-wheel) 4.931,09€ 46810025
front 16h 2.304,20€ 46810021
rear 20h (Shimano- free-wheel) 1.969,40€ 46810022
rear 20h (Campagnolo- free-wheel) 2.626,89€ 46810023
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How do you make a fast and ultra-stiff carbon aero wheel even faster?

It’s hardly rocket science. If you increase your speed by a couple of mph, you’ll reach your destination sooner. This is what the FERNWEG is all about, teasing out every last notch on the speedometer. Lightweight built the stiffest, lightest and most aerodynamic aero wheelset the world has ever seen. FERNWEG doesn't need to hide away from its competitors. That would be tricky anyway since there aren’t any – Lightweight acceleration statistics are simply without equal. This is because Lightweight, and independent experts, have worked tirelessly in the wind tunnel to create the shape that is just right. The result is FERNWEG – an aero wheel that never ceases to impress, both in races and in everyday training. If there ever was a wheel that made aerodynamics and excitement part of your cycling experience, then it would definitely be our FERNWEG.

  • High aerodynamics with improved cycling properties
  • Best ratio from stiffness to weight
  • Braking performance on dry and wet surfaces newly defined
  • First selection for mountainous triathlon routes
  • Also suited for occasional use in mountains


  • Weight FW 640 gr
  • Weight BW 715 gr
  • Rim depth 81 mm
  • Rim width 19,5 mm
  • No. of spokes (FW/BW) 16/20
  • Tyre width 19-27 mm
  • Max. system weight 100 kg
  • Superb aerodynamic performance
  • Market-leading stiffness to weight ratio

In the box:

  • Lightweight Wheelset (see below)
  • Lightweight tire lever (pair)
  • Lightweight quick releases (pair)
  • Lightweight double wheelbag
  • brake pads (pair)
Lightweight Fernweg Tubular wheel set 16/20h (Shimano- free-wheel )
Lightweight Fernweg Tubular wheel front wheel 16h
Lightweight Fernweg Tubular wheel rear wheel 20h (Shimano- free-wheel )

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