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Kickboards & Scooter

Scooters & kickboards: Not just for kids but also for adults

First of all we would like to clarify that there is a difference between scooters and kickboards. This might be new to many of you, who have not familiarized yourselves with the subject more closely. In short, both variants are defined as follows:

  • Scooters have 2 rolls and a handlebar in connection with a footbar.
  • Kickboards are a variation of the scooters with the term "Kickboard" being copyright-protected by the company Micro Mobility. These kickboards feature at least 3 rolls, and in lieu of a T-handlebar, they have a steering synchroniser. Thus, they are not steered via the handlebar, but they use a lean-to-steer design.

With a scooter, you'll promote the coordination, the balance as well as the motor activity and you can already start with the kids at a very early stage. Scooters are already available for kids starting from 2-3 years of age. This is a lot of fun, especially for the young ones, and it will inspire more activities in the open air. The older your kids get, there are suitable models for kids ages 5 and older, the same applies to teens and adults likewise. Your way to work, through the city, is quickly managed by scooter and, what's more, it's a lot of fun. You now can also get combinations of kickboard and trolley for businesspeople or even kickboards which can take school satchels, so that the kids do no longer need to carry them on their backs to school but can transport them by scooter in a relaxed manner. Micro Mobility is a pioneer in this field. Meanwhile, you can even get electrical models (meaning with motor support), these can be steered by moving your body. For sportive kickboard riders, there are robust freestyle models available on the market, which are made for very rough applications.

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