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Giro DND MTB- gloves long

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Item #
MTB- gloves size S black 18,15€ 81713020
MTB- gloves size M black 18,15€ 81713021
MTB- gloves size L black 18,15€ 81713022
MTB- gloves size XL black 18,15€ 81713023
MTB- gloves size XXL black 18,15€ 81713024
MTB- gloves size XXXL black 18,15€ 81713025
MTB- gloves size S olive 27,13€ 81715664
MTB- gloves size M olive 27,13€ 81715665
MTB- gloves size L olive 27,13€ 81715666
MTB- gloves size XL olive 27,13€ 81715667
MTB- gloves size XXL olive 27,13€ 81715668
MTB- gloves size S heatwave/black 18,15€ 81715669
MTB- gloves size M heatwave/black 18,15€ 81715670
MTB- gloves size L heatwave/black 18,15€ 81715671
MTB- gloves size XL heatwave/black 18,15€ 81715672
MTB- gloves size XXL heatwave/black 18,15€ 81715673
MTB- gloves size S true spruce 27,13€ 81716937
MTB- gloves size M true spruce 27,13€ 81716938
MTB- gloves size L true spruce 27,13€ 81716939
MTB- gloves size XL true spruce 27,13€ 81716940
MTB- gloves size XXL true spruce 27,13€ 81716941
MTB- gloves size S red orange 30,24€ 81716947
MTB- gloves size M red orange 30,24€ 81716948
MTB- gloves size L red orange 30,24€ 81716949
MTB- gloves size XL red orange 30,24€ 81716950
MTB- gloves size XXL red orange 30,24€ 81716951
MTB- gloves size S coal/iceberg 18,15€ 81716942
MTB- gloves size M coal/iceberg 18,15€ 81716943
MTB- gloves size L coal/iceberg 18,15€ 81716944
MTB- gloves size XL coal/iceberg 18,15€ 81716945
MTB- gloves size XXL coal/iceberg 18,15€ 81716946
  • Material: Hand: 70% Nylon, 20% Polyester, 10% Cotton / Palm: 92% Polyester, 8% Elasthan
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Durable and comfortable glove from Giro

The DND Glove, also known as a down and dirt glove, is all about the essentials - fit, durability and control. It is designed to be affordable and durable, with a smooth feel thanks to the Super Fit AX Suede ™ palm that eliminates excess material and bundles. The upper breathes well and offers 4-way stretch for maximum comfort day after day. These features and the simple construction make the DND a favorite with dirt jumpers and trailers alike.


  • Moisture absorbing
  • breathable 4-way stretch mesh material
  • reinforced fingertips
  • Flex zones on the knuckles for more freedom of movement
  • highly absorbent surface (thumb) made of microfiber
  • Padding: 2mm EVA crash pad padding
  • thieves
  • Sizes: S - XXXL


  • 1 pair of Giro DND MTB gloves long (see item description for details)
Giro DND MTB- gloves long size S black
Giro DND MTB- gloves long size S olive
Giro DND MTB- gloves long size S heatwave/black
Giro DND MTB- gloves long size S true spruce
Giro DND MTB- gloves long size S red orange
Giro DND MTB- gloves long size S coal/iceberg
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