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Garmin TOPO V9 Pro Germany map

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Garmin TOPO V9 Pro Germany map 92,18€ 85510002
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The TOPO V9 Pro map material for Germany

The topographic vector map TOPO Germany V9 PRO provides you with map data for the whole of Germany. Experience more than 340,000 km of bike paths, mountain bike trails and popular hiking trails with the TOPO German-land V9 PRO card on your Garmin device and enjoy the variety for your outdoor activities. ActiveRouting offers individual route suggestions and map views for various leisure activities, so you can start relaxing. You can also search for POIs such as destinations or special house numbers. Even in winter you can use your TOPO Germany V9 PRO extensively: The winter map shows you ski resorts, ski slopes and signage of slopes over 30 °.


  • Activerouting: Individual route suggestions and map views for various outdoor and recreational activities. Depending on the selected activity, the routes are displayed in different colors.
  • Map Content: Includes detailed road network for Germany as a whole. Furthermore, more than 340,000 km of cycle paths, mountain bike trails and popular hiking trails are integrated.
  • Address input: search for addresses based on house numbers possible.
  • Winter cards: Includes extra winter tickets for selected activities such as skiing, ski tours, ski lifts, etc.
  • Contour Lines: Provides detailed contour lines at 20m intervals.
  • Point of Interest (POIS): millions of POIs are offered for individual route design. Among other things, restaurants, geographical points, cabins, cities / towns, islands and more.
  • Topographic map with digital elevation model: Topographic map depicting cities, towns, villages, lakes and rivers. The integrated digital elevation model can be used for route presentation during planning.
  • BaseCamp compatibility: BaseCamp allows you to schedule the routes on the computer and then transfer them to the Garmin device.
  • Compatibility: fenix 5 Plus Series / fenix 5X / Descent Mk1 / Forerunner 945 / MARQ Series / Montana Series / Edge Series / GPSMAP Series / Oregon Series / eTrex Series / eTrex Touch Series / Alpha 100

Applied technologies

In this chapter, we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses for this product.

Garmin BaseCamp

Make your next outdoor activity an optimal experience or follow up on the tours already underway. With our free software BaseCamp you can plan outdoor activities, organize data and share adventures with others, or search and download.


  • 1 x Garmin TOPO Germany V9 PRO microSD ™ - / SD ™ memory card (see item description for details)

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