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Garmin TOPO France Montagne PRO (microSD/SD- map )

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Garmin TOPO France Montagne PRO (microSD/SD- map ) 99,99€ 95510388
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The TOPO France Montagne PRO is the ideal companion for all outdoor enthusiasts who want to discover the French Alps and the Pyrenees. In addition to the presentation on a basic scale of 1.25.000, the topographic map also convinces with raster map displays (1: 25.000) in classical paper design. It can be used on the PC or Mac without installation directly from the microSD card and with the free software BaseCampTM you plan your next tour. In addition to extensive, detailed maps with over 27,000 km of roads and trails, it offers the proven ActiveRouting functions. ActiveRouting not only lets users know where they are going, but also how they want to go (eg hiking, mountaineering, mountain biking, etc.). Based on this information, appropriate route suggestions are created.


  • Grid and vector map on the Bsism scale 1: 25,000
  • Incl. French Alps and French Pyrenees
  • Active Routing Functions
  • Over 27,000 km of cycling and hiking trails
  • Searchable POIs

    ActiveRouting on more than 27,000 km of cycling and hiking trails

  • Detailed topographical vector map in the basic scale 1: 25,000
  • Coverage: French Alps and French Pyrenees: Departments Alps: 01, 74, 73, 38, 26, 05, 84, 04, 13, 83, 06 / Departments of the Pyrenees: 64, 65, 31, 09, 11 and 66 / Departments Corsica : 2A and 2B
  • Insert microSD card and go - without previous installation on PC / MAC® and Garmin GPS device
  • ActiveRouting suggests customized routes and map views optimized for recreational activities
  • Display also possible in raster map design in paper optics
  • More than 27,000 km of cycling and hiking trails
  • Height contours in 20 meter intervals
  • Thousands of searchable POIs like destinations, information centers, restaurants, hotels and much more
  • BaseCamp ™: The intuitive planning software enables convenient route planning, tour evaluation and geotagging of photos. Easily transfer maps, waypoints, tracks & routes.

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